Amber's 2019 Wellness Journey... come along!

You can read a wee bit on WHY I started this journey, here…

But for those who are ALL caught up, let’s move on + dive into the goods, the bads and the ugly!

  • Week of Jan 20th: NOURISH BOWLS

    • Non-Scale Victories

      • Focusing on my PLATE instead of calories provided me with such release and energy!

      • Sleeping more soundly

      • Gut health is getting back on track

      • Being more present with Gillies as I’m utilizing my business hours more appropriately (my time is 4am-8am, which I’m able to rise + shine because I’m sleeping better)

      • Started a self-care routine… hope to keep it going!

    • Scale Budges

      • Lost 3 pounds this week most likely due to inflammation and stress relief… because we are FINALLY home after an epic family road trip back South to visit family + eating REAL food again!

    • Improvements could be made: drinking more water throughout the day, for some reason, I slacked twice this week which is unlike me.


    • Non-Scale Victories

      • My water intake was on point… insert: choir singing in rejoice! With my water intake on point, I felt more energized throughout the week plus I noticed my skin wasn’t dry and itchy!

      • Gut health was on track, no obvious bloating or cramps noted.

      • I truly focused on self-care… invested in a good dry brush as well as purchased a few other goodies which you’ll see later (once they have been tested)

      • We celebrated my late sister’s birthday with chocolate chip cookies and I enjoyed two cookies (twice- hashtag: real life), however, I didn’t feel guilty. I didn’t associate NEGATIVE emotions with eating the cookies. I just ate them joyfully knowing it was a treat and if I wanted more, I could have it. By switching this mindset, I felt more in control with my eating and didn’t feel the need to eat EVERY. SINGLE. COOKIE!

        • This is absolutely HUGE for me!

    • Scale Budges

      • Lost 1 pound this week… I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was hoping for more movement; however, it is moving in the RIGHT direction and, well, that’s it.


    • Non-Scale Victories

      • Well. The whole household got a cause of an “upper respiratory bug” which was no fun; however, this mama was only down for ONE day… when it hit everyone else for 4-5 days!

      • I focused hard this week on hydration as well as getting good quality sleep which I know helped me kick the cold’s tooshie.

      • Joined in on a “nutritional webinar” where a medical physician talked about dietary recommendations and lifestyle habits for optimal brain health… and I was super happy to know that what he discussed WE teach in our NO BRAINERS community! I took a few notes on statistics… but this made my heart so HAPPY! Go NO BRAINERS!

    • Scale Budges

      • The scale didn’t budge at all… which I should be happy about because I know my workouts were not as “intense” this week due to the “COLD OF 2019” which swept through our house.

        • sounds ominous doesn’t it… the COLD OF 2019! HA! I crack myself up sometimes.

  • Week of February 10th: YIKES! Before + 1 Month Photos to come soon…


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