Throughout our journey towards a healthier brain + gut, these are the foods which stood out to me.  These foods are ones, we TRY (keyword with twin 4yr olds) to have each day or at least multiple times a week.  I'll share my tips on selecting these items, what I've read that made me "pause" and put these foods in our grocery cart AND give you a menu to use!  

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We all know we should eat greens... even Popeye eats his spinach, right?  But why is it so hard for some (like my hubster) to eat their leafy greens?  Seriously.  The hubster has to wrap bacon around a bunch of spinach or toss it into the juicer to chug in order to get his greens.  It's ridiculous, but with twin 4yr olds.... I'm starting to appreciate the fact that some people just WILL NOT eat certain foods (or at least need them to be snuck onto their plates).


    Let's talk YOU... why should you want to love munching down on leafy greens AND which leafy greens are you talking about?  Well. Here you go:  

    • Leafy greens:  I'm talking about spinach, kale, arugula, swiss chard, broccoli, beet greens, brussels... not iceberg lettuce, love. 
    • Benefits:
      • fiber
      • various vitamins (A, C, E, K)
      • folate 
      • potassium 
      • flavonoids
      • carotenoids

    Okay.  That's a lot of goodness... but what does it mean, right?  Well.  Flavonoids hold anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties... so that's rather fantastic.  Carotenoids which are plant pigments that includes lutein.  Lutein is found in kale + spinach but also in egg yolks and cruciferous veggies (ie. broccoli, brussels). Why is this important?  Well, lutein may aid in learning + memory! 

    Folate may help decrease levels of homocysteine.  Elevated levels of homocysteine can set stage for inflammation and build up of plaque in arteries.  Plus, elevated levels of homocysteine have also been associated with cognitive impairment (sourced).  Not good.  

    TAKEAWAY:  eating leafy greens are magnificent for your brain + arteries! 

    Eating one cup of green leafy vegetables every day will make you, on average, eleven years physiologically younger than someone who skips them.
    — Steven Masley, MD. The Better Brain Solution (book)
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    • Check the EWG list of the Dirty Dozen - you may want to opt for organic! 
    • Purchase from a local farm if and when possible!  
    • Leaves shouldn't be wilted... they should be a vibrant color throughout with no holes/tears or evidence of damage! 
    • Wash thoroughly to remove all of the dirt off... then dry off!
    • We store most of our leafy greens in the fridge... in the crisper! 


    sliced avocado.jpg


    Avocados + I were definitely not love at first sight... our love affair didn't really begin until a few years ago.  Now, it's one of my favorite high-fat foods which I try to sneak into every meal.  Yes, that includes SMOOTHIES!  Avocados are filled with goodness... such as fiber, potassium, healthy fats and a wee bit more.  Read on to discover all the goodness! 

    bowl of blueberries.jpg


    In our house, we call blueberries... brain-berries because of all their amazing benefits such as increasing cerebral blood flow, improve cognition + memory and slow cognitive decline.   Read on to snag a few more reasons why we aim for a cup of berries a day!  

    dark chocolate.jpg


    Who needs a reason to eat chocolate, right?  Well.  There's a HUGE difference between chocolate found in most candy bars/snack items and 85% (or higher) dark chocolate.... and I'm talking about the latter which holds a whole heck of a lot less sugar.  Anywho.  Dark chocolate + cocoa are another source of flavonoids (as mentioned above are pretty freaking amazing, right) and in images of the brain via MRI, doctors have SEEN how cocoa intakes improves blood flow to the brain (particularly the hippocampus, aka. memory center!)

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    Recently read that nuts are "one of the most brain-nourishing choices you can make".  (Book: The Better Brain Solution)!  It's typically one of the foods we keep on hand in our emergency food stash:  pumpkin seeds, almonds, pistachios and even walnuts.  Nuts help curb your hunger... aid in weight loss... improve one's cholesterol but they also get a bad rep for being too, well, fattening.  Read on to discover more goodness on nuts, particularly almonds.  



    That was a ton of information... right, love?  But there's no doubt you handled it like the gorgeous bad-sassarina that you are!  

    { bad sassanian = my  hot mess self's version of bad@ss! ] 

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    This photo was taken the DAY BEFORE my journey began... a journey to live my most optimal self.   Sure, there's been rough patches... slip ups and start overs... but, each day it's all about striving to be 1% better than the person I was yesterday.  Where's YOUR starting point?  


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    Until then, loves... remember:  the more you know, the more you can grow!  

    love + gumption.


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