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Ready to discover how YOU can unplug (without the guilt) at the end of the day + start living your life FULLY present and energized? 


Biohacker Babe Academy

A group coaching program designed for you to assess what areas YOU need to strengthen to increase your focus, raise your energy, improve your productivity and strengthen your relationships.

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Ready to discover how YOU can unplug (without the guilt) at the end of the day + start living your life FULLY present and energized? 


Biohacker Babe Academy

A group coaching program designed for you to assess what areas YOU need to strengthen to increase your focus, raise your energy, improve your productivity and strengthen your relationships.

Click the button below to be the FIRST to join when we open the doors to this transformational program




I totally get it, love.

You are doing all the “right” things… trying to get to bed at a decent hour, drinking your water and focusing on meditation. Yet you constantly feel drained and find yourself in line at the local coffee shop waiting to pick up your afternoon latte.

You SEE other womenprenuers crossing things off their list… while also bragging about unplugging for the day to take part of hobbies and you constantly ask yourself, “HOW? Where do they find the time let alone the ENERGY?”

If you were like me before I started diving deep into “biohacking”, you may be…

  • Feeling a tad bit guilty to truly unplug at the end of the day because you didn’t get as much work done as you would have liked.
  • Spend oodles of time wondering how others are able to juggle homeschooling their kids, moving their business forward, working out and how in the HECK do they have HOBBIES?!?
  • Wonder if it’s true that HUSTLING is the secret sauce because right now you are feeling like you are on the verge of burn-out.


Here’s the thing, love ---

Hustling is NOT the secret sauce.

There I said it… you can take a big sigh of relief. You are welcome. The true secret sauce is… are you ready for it? It’s your habits.

And before I get a giant eye roll from you, let’s talk about this for a minute… everything YOU do is a habit! From how you wake up in the morning to the way you brush your teeth and all the way down to what you do before your pretty little eyelids close at night.

This is WHY biohacking is so crucial!

What? The What?  I'll explain.

Biohacking (verb):  to simply explore hacks (or habits) and discover which ones positively affect YOU and help you become more efficient, more energized and more engaged in life.

Biohacking is sort of like using your body as a personal laboratory with you as the scientist discovering ways to make you into the super-human version of you!

And here's the thing:  the habits you have now, healthy or not, may be the cause for YOU being distracted, drained and, well, not working as efficient as you could be.

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Katie Huey

"I am so grateful for all the wisdom Amber brings into my life. She genuinely listens and cares about my well-being. I was doing all the right things: eating well, exercising, yoga, mindfulness, going for walks, extra servings of veggies and greens...and I was STILL tired, groggy, and unmotivated. Through just ONE simple bio-hack with Amber, I have tapped into a new source of energy and motivation. I am speechless! If this one simple and extremely enjoyable hack changed my morning (and therefore my entire day!) so dramatically, I can only imagine what else is out there that can help me tap into an endless source of energy. I trust Amber to help me bio-hack my way to optimal health, and I feel so empowered in my life!"

Take a beat to imagine with me this scenario…

The sound of your alarm goes off and within a few nanoseconds, you automatically turn it off. While stretching your arms out, you feel rejuvenated from a good night’s sleep and eager to kick start your day. 

You partake in a few biohacks you picked up in our Biohacker Babe Academy and sit down at your computer screen with fresh eyes, a clear mind and laser-beam focus. Within a few hours, you managed to cross each item OFF your to-do list without feeling drained or distracted. 

The laptop is shut down for the day and you catch yourself smiling as you realize you have time to go outside to play with your kids. 

And those kids better be prepared because you are ready + full of energy.   

At the end of the day, you lay down and close your eyes… feeling ridiculously proud of yourself for making these changes. You used your time wisely, got shiz-nit done and still were able to be FULLY present in YOUR life. THIS ONE… you are LIVING.

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Which is why I want to share with you… BIOHACKER BABE ACADEMY!


Biohacker Babe Academy teaches women entrepreneurs how to biohack their brains which will reduce brain fog, increase their productivity and raise their energy levels… so they are more efficient with their time and energy and able to step away from their computer screen and live their life FULLY present with those they love.



Biohacker Babe Academy is an on-going program which means you have LIFETIME ACCESS once you are in… it is designed for you to assess what areas YOU need to strengthen to increase your focus, raise your energy, improve your productivity and strengthen your relationships

This is the same program I used to help me balance homeschooling twins, providing daily physical therapy for one of our twins, become a published author and work as coach for James Wedmore, an entrepreneur who coaches 7-figure online business owners how to ditch the hustle mentality and create success from the inside out.


MODULE 1: Creating a Blueprint

One of the first steps is to assess where you are currently placing all of your focus and visualize where YOU would like to go next.  In this module, you will notice we have broken things down into 6 KEY categories.  This module is quite powerful and will give you the blueprint you need to focus on the Biohacker Babe YOU want to be!


MODULE 2:  Building a Solid Foundation

Before you can learn new biohacks, it's important to know how to form a habit which will stick. It’s not true what they say, repetition is NOT key nor is it WILL POWER… there are actually PILLARS to form a habit and this is crucial into being your most productive and energetic self!


MODULE 3: Biohacker Babe Basics

Now, it’s time to take things to the NEXT LEVEL with uncovering which biohacks work best for you to increase your focus, raise your energy, reduce your food cravings, improve your relationships and so much more.


MODULE 4: Advanced Biohacks

When you get to this module, you have already created a blueprint of WHO you want to be and the goals YOU set for yourself.  You have learned the pillars of creating lasting positive habits and mastered the Biohacker Babe Basics.  The final module is when you take things to the supernova level with advanced biohacks, gadgets and so much more.  You'll discover boundless energy, laser-focus and feel like a bad-sassarina!  

PLUS… let’s not forget a few of the EXTRAS!


1. Members-Only Biohacker Babes Community (PRICELESS!)

Biohacker Babe Academy comes with access to our private Facebook community where you will be surrounded by fellow bad-sass babes who are determined to live their best life while crushing their business goals.


2. Monthly Masterclass with Amber ($997 VALUE)

Each month, we will dive deep into a NEW biohack which Amber has researched and implemented to help keep you in the KNOW of what’s happening in the “biohacking world”... so you can IMPLEMENT and keep pushing your body to new levels!  You will also have the opportunity to join Amber LIVE for a personal hot-seat during Q&A time!

Kimi Morton Image

Kimi Morton

"OK, first of all, Amber is a freakin’ SUPERHERO GENIUS. She is SO full of knowledge, hacks, tips, and tricks - it’s NO wonder she’s accomplishing superhuman feats in her own biz and life...just being around her will level you up! But the coolest thing about Amber is that she’s not just a badass biohacking babe herself, she is a purpose-driven coach and leader committed to the success of her clients and students. Working with Amber has taken me to the NEXT LEVEL in my health, my mindset, my productivity, and most importantly in my VISION for what is possible. Plus, she’s hilarious, down to earth, and refreshingly REAL. If you want to go from pretty good to FRIGGIN’ PHENOMENAL, working with Amber will help you tap into the secret sauce that will make all the difference."


Awe, shucks! Doors are closed, BUT be the first to know when they open again.

I Want ON The Wait List!

Still on the fence about if BIOHACKER BABE ACADEMY is for you…


Look. I get it… trust me. Investing in yourself can be completely daunting. But I want you to know I have been where you are. Don’t believe me, here’s a glance back at the old, non-biohacking version of me.

I remember hitting snooze several times in the morning, so much so, the hubster would mumble, “honey either turn it off or get up!”. When I did finally get up, I was already exhausted despite getting a solid 7 hours of sleep. My joke at that time was how my life was basically held up together with a whole lot of Jesus, coffee and dry shampoo.

My day was spent in a state of overwhelm as my to-do list kept creeping up and there were moments in my life where I wondered if I was even cut out to be successful in my business as well as being a MOM!

It felt like my healthy lifestyle was taking MORE energy to actually maintain than it gave me. The words, hustle was my mantra and I figured I just needed to HUSTLE harder, work harder, sacrifice MORE than I would be able to unplug without the guilt and live my life.

That was me.

Worrying about burn-out. 

Stressing over the possibility that my big audacious dream of owning an equine therapy ranch would ever happen. 

Concerned I was missing out on life with the hubster and our twins, the Gillies.

And feeling like I was missing out on some many memories… because I was just, well, exhausted.

This is where I was. And friend. I don’t want that to be you.

With Biohacker Babe Academy, I give you the biohacks which helped me feel so energized I no longer hit snooze and don’t need that afternoon latte. Biohacks which keep me laser focused so I am no longer distracted and able to get my shiz-nit done in business, so I can be FULLY present with those I love. Biohacks which help me create TIME in my life for hobbies… hobbies which I once thought were a luxury past-time but now I realize are a reflection of balance, personal investment and a life that’s being lived.

You are here to live a beautiful vibrant life… one to be FULLY present in and I’m here to cheer you on!

I cannot WAIT to WELCOME YOU in the program!


Love + Gumption. 

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