LIFE PLOT TWIST: from ER Veterinarian to Wellness Coach

Sep 03, 2018

Can I share with you a wee little secret? Well. It's not a little... it's a huge God-sized dream in my heart.  But it may explain why I spend endless hours working on my craft... Can you even call Brain + Gut Health exploration a craft?

Focus Amber.


The thing is... I love it.  Honestly I spend hours pouring myself into my work because I love it and I love making YOU (my tribe) happy + helping other women tweak their daily habits to live a more vibrant + productive life.

However, here's the secret... it's not the only dream in my heart.   YIKES!  My God-sized dream is to own/operate an equine therapy ranch or a resort of sorts on our lake property.  A place where kids who need a wee bit more attention receive equine therapy... and while therapy is in session, their parents + I chat about nutrition - about household products - about mindset - about, well, Brain + Gut Health and steps they can do at home for their littles.

Then after lunch, the families are able to relax on the lake property and have a vacation of sorts... seriously. Can't you just SEE IT!?!?

Here's the beautiful thing about this dream... it comes full circle.  See, I grew up the youngest of three girls with my two oldest sisters being confined to wheelchairs due to a form of Muscular Dystrophy.  I knew at a young age, I wanted to give back... to families and to see smiles on children's faces who were facing battles I couldn't even imagine.

“If you can dream it, you can do it. ”
— Walt Disney

See, every person I met along our journey brings a new layer to what we can offer to our products NOW and to our guests at this ranch... every person I help gets me closer to opening up our doors to this ranch... every person is helping us fulfill this God-sized dream in my heart.

I call it God-sized, because it's so ridiculously huge I know that only God can help fulfill it.


This equine therapy ranch is the main reason, I show up.  The reason, I get out of my comfort zone with Instagram LIVES (ugh, seriously.  if you need a laugh watch my facial expressions... follow me here).

This dream... this ranch is the reason, I strive every day to help women live their most optimal life through simple health hacks focusing on Brain + Gut Health.  

I know it will all be worth it when I see the smiles on the first family who stays at our ranch. 

Whew!  Now, what’s your dream?  I'd love to hear about it... and support you on this crazy ride!

If you would love to dive deeper into the brain + gut health connection or just want to surround yourself with some amazing women who are striving to live their most vibrant self, then... love.  JOIN us over in our Brain + Gut Health Explorers community - the door is open!  (or shoot me an email -- I'm here to help!).  Because the more you know... the more you grow!  Until then...


love + gumption.


The Brain + Gut Health Explorer


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