What’s in our kitchen?

Dude. It may just be me… but I absolutely LOVE to catch a glance on social media of what other people have in their pantries or fridges! I have no idea why. Maybe it’s to snag a few healthy tips, recipe ideas or organizational tidbits…. or maybe I am just nosy. Who know?

Anywho. Here’s a glance of some of the ingredients we use along with a few healthy recipes! Hope you enjoy ‘em and if you have any recipes, YOU are loving… share this way! The more you know, the more you can grow... right? 



Almost two years ago, we started using coconut oil in the Gillies’ household and I’m not a HUGE fan of coconuts.  so this was a HARD step for me. * honesty alert *  But when you hear that coconut water is known as Mother Nature’s sports drink you try to deep your toes into liking coconuts.   and as we dove into the world of coconuts… I fell in love! 

Yet recently, it’s been getting a bad rap and I have no idea why.  Do I think it’s the bees knees… yes.  Do I think coconut oil can cure anything and everything… um, no.  And no.  I don’t apply it to everything like the dad in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” does with Windex.



This little powerhouses of sunshine seriously make my day.  I love the fact the scent reminds me of summer and the amazing properties they hold.  Plus, they are so versatile.  we drink fresh lemon juice... shave lemon rind into baked goods... add drops of lemon essential oils into cleaning products... and even use lemons for beauty products (like our sugar lemon scrub).  




Basil and I have a love/hate relationship... I love all the benefits of basil + it hates to grow in my herb garden.  

Not really.  

I just struggle with growing parsley and basil... which folks tell me are the two simplest herbs to grow.  My issue is the herbs do amazing then we get 3-4 days of torrential downpours of rain and when I go to check on them once the sun comes up... they have given up on life.   { sad face }  

So.  In order to solve this problem... I have repotted my plants (aka. purchased new ones) and moved them indoors near our sliding glass doors so they can get optimal sun but protected from the heavy rains!



It was not love at first sight with these little green powerhouses... (gasp of horror).  But truthfully, it wasn't.  Growing up, I wasn't a fan of avocados or even guacamole- more of a chips and salsa kinda girl.  

Yet. somehow along the way, I realized all the amazing benefits of avocados... and started to incorporate them on my plate... in my smoothies... and even in my beauty routine!  Seriously!  

So. Let's dive a wee bit deeper and learn more about these amazing fruits! 



Matcha Green Tea came into my life about 3 years ago... I was browsing along in the nearby mall when I stumbled into a tea shop.  The saleslady asked if I'd like to take a sample of the "tea du jour".   um, yep.  I pretty much don't turn down samples :)  

For the next few minutes I watched in awe as she poured and whisked the green tea powder into a frothy mixture.  When she handed me the sample, I thought I was in love... until I sampled it- literally, tasted like I licked a lawnmower.  I gagged.  I retched.  

It was awful... thinking I was not a novice tea drinker, she apologized and sweetened the tea with a wee bit of honey. Then I fell in love…



Foodie of the Week is all about BANANAS!  Sharing some gluten + dairy free recipes plus ways to use bananas in your beauty regimen and why you should grab a banana today. 



Here's a few things you should know about me... things that I love:

  1. Autumn.

  2. Everything having to do with autumn. Period.

Seriously. When you think about autumn (or the fall), if you are like me, your mind goes to... football games, local parish fairs (I'm from Louisiana, we have parishes, not counties), cool temperatures which let you stay outside later and not swat at mosquitoes, bonfires with roasted marshmallows, flannel shirts with your favorite pair of boots... and pumpkins.



Who else knew almonds weren't technically nuts?  

These little powerhouses are called drupes and give your body antioxidants which combat stress and are anti-aging.



"Rosemary is for remembrance..."  written by Shakespeare more than 400 years ago.  Seriously.  How cool is that, right?  Here's a quick run-down of the benefits of rosemary + ways you can incorporate it into your day.  



Breaking out my comfort zone + discovered this delicious superfood!  

Check out the amazing benefits of beets + why you should be adding them to your weekly menu, too. 



This small yet mighty berry packs an amazing punch... here's a few reasons why we call 'em, brain berries + recipes we whip up in our kitchen. 



Fun Foodie Factoid:  Asparagus contains an amino acid, asparagine which may aid in fighting fatigue + boost your energy levels.  

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