It Takes Brain + Guts


So.  Maybe you are like me... where one day you wake up + take a look around and don't recognize how you got there.   Like seriously.  How is it I'm 36 years old... wearing my hubster's college sweat pants... binge watching Downton Abbey while eating cheetos.  

Um. Not YOU?  

Well... that's embarrassing and it's how my journey started.  After the birth of our twins, I lost myself.  Somewhere between cleaning babies diapers during the day and working overnight as an ER veterinarian... the oh-so-cool-and-always-classy self was waiting for me.   { WHOA:  pump the brakes!!!  let's be 100% honest, I have never been described as cool nor classy } 

But let's focus.  As a mama-bear who works (either part time, full time, relief... outside of the home or in the home), it's so easy... to loose yourself in taking care of others.  To skimp on taking a shower for a quick power nap.  To say "yes, just pick up some takeout" so you don't have to cook or clean dishes.  To not shave your legs unless you have to go see your OBGYN or get a pedicure (you feel me).  

I seriously get it.  I get you, love.  I have been there... and sometimes, it's quite easy to slip back into mode.  Which is WHY the "It Takes Brain + Guts" members space exists.  

It Takes Brain + Guts is a monthly membership where you will receive new recipes, daily health hacks, weekly workouts + tidbits to help you reach the goals you set for yourself!


Listed below, you'll get the tidbits of what the "It Takes Brain + Guts" includes as well as what to expect... but let me say this first.  The "It Takes Brain + Guts" was designed to give women a safe place... to spend 5 or 10 minutes taking care of them... to help guide you on your path... to live 1% better each day.  

Everyone has a journey, love and each journey has a starting point.  Mine was breastfeeding twin newborns while binge watching a TV series and munching down on cheetos at 2am.  There's no judgement.  (right?!?)  The "It Takes Brain + Guts" will take you at your starting point and guide you towards YOUR destination... whether that's to be able to ride bikes with your kids after dinner, to reduce medications, to wear a bathing suit proudly, to reduce your brain fog, to run a 5k/half/marathon, etc.    Within "It Takes Brain + Guts" the  focus is simple:  living our most optimal self which includes:  internal dialogue, nutrition, sleeping habits, self-care, fitness, and camaraderie.  



There is something about joining a tribe of women who are on the same journey as you… (which is to live the healthiest life possible)!  By joining our virtual "It Takes Brain + Guts", you will be placed in a private + supportive environment where we can dive deep into your own wellness goals!  

In the private setting, you will have access to Me (hold the applause... just kidding).  There will be weekly LIVE group calls where you can "ask anything" + we can share tidbits on how to make more steps forward toward your goal.  You will hear daily health hacks which you can tweak to help YOU live your most optimal life!  

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With my love for nutrition, we focus on foods which help HEAL and not harm, but we also keep it real.  Sometimes, LIFE happens... trust me.  I get it.  Sometimes, you just want a cup of coffee with a beignet (um, cajun donut which is fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  SO GOOD!!!)  Not saying that happens every day or every week... but it's a nice treat.  

I'll share simple (family-friendly) recipes which are good for your gut as well as your brain... because, in case, you didn't know:  brain + gut health is sorta my jam.  You will get a cookbook (e-book style) which is loaded with healthy recipes as well as a weekly menu designed by me to help you on your journey!  

Now. In full honesty, our menu in the Gillies household includes a daily superfood smoothie.  You can find more info, here!  If you aren't interested in having a superfood smoothie... or have a protein smoothie-source you'd rather drink during your time in the "It Takes Brain + Guts", just let me know.  I'm not trying for you to be me... you do you, boo.  YOU DO YOU!  


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Within the "It Takes Brain + Guts", there will be a wee bit of fitness going on... and at so many different levels.  Because, remember, we all have a different starting point.  I'm at a different starting point from the "breast-feeding, sweatpant-wearing, Netflix-bingeing, cheetos-eating" mama.  Not saying I don't wear sweatpants or occasionally binge watch Netflix.  HA!  But we ALL start somewhere.  

If you need assistance finding a workout program or simply want a fitness routine tailored to YOU + your goals... let me know, we will talk it out + map one out for you.  

For me.  I follow a running schedule based on my running-life goals PLUS use workout programs which I am able to do at home... (100% honesty, right?  Mama ain't got time to find babysitter + shave legs + commute to gym + workout + drive back home + pay babysitter.... so, I do follow a fitness program which I stream online straight to our living room.  If you want to join me + my workouts, no problem - we can make that happen, too!  You can check out more, here.  

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Loves.  This part of "It Takes Brain + Guts" is simply my favorite... {surprised gasp} you thought it would be nutrition, right?  But self-care is so vital to one's well being.  It didn't occur to me how important it was and how much I was skimping on it... til a dear friend asked me a simple question, "What are you doing for You? How are you filling YOUR cup, Amber?"   Insert about 3 minutes of stunned silence.  Why?  Because I wasn't taking care of ME!!!  Yes.  Our nutrition was on point + I was keeping treats to a minimum.  Yes.  I was making sure to move and get a workout in a few times each week.  Yet, the real reason I was drained + lacked energy... had mental fog + couldn't remember things... couldn't shake those last 10 pounds (okay, fine... 15 pounds)... was because I wasn't taking action with a few basic self-care health hacks.  

Now.  It's my mission to share those simple self-care tips in the "It Takes Brain + Guts" with YOU, love!

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Did you know that the majority of folks who attempt a health/fitness goal solo fail?!?  You may have been in that statistic before... I know I have, several times.  No lie. 

But this doesn't have to be YOU now!  

Within the "It Takes Brain + Guts", there will be other women (sorry, guys) who will be on their journey... different parts... some just starting out, others joining again, and a few bad-sassarinas who are taking names.  

The beauty of it - we are all there to help one another + cheer each other on in our virtual private community!    

NOTE:  Bad-sassarinas is a term I tend to use... it's a habit I developed once our 4yr old twins started repeating EVERY THING mama speaks.  

Amber helped me pinpoint the thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back. I had never thought it possible that I would achieve my goals but I have and continue to do so. It’s been a little over 2 years and I have kept the 20 lbs and over 20 inches OFF!! The seeds that were sown have germinated and are thriving.
— Stacy


I know that's a LOT of information to read + take in... plus, if you are like me, you may appreciate "bullet-style" learning more.  So, here goes, love!  


  • Virtual + Private Community (for women only)
  • 4 LIVE Group Coaching Calls 
  • Fresh recipes which are simple + family friendly 
  • Downloadable Cookbook packed with delicious + healthy meals
  • 1 Month Supply of Superfood Smoothies (optional + recommended)
  • At-Home Fitness Workouts tailored to YOUR needs + goals 
  • Daily Health Hacks which focus on self-care + optimal brain health 
  • Online Support from some pretty bad-sassarinas 


  • Private Introductory Call with Amber to Help Get You Started Right!
  • Ability to Join a LIVE Fitness Class (straight from Amber's living room)

Plus... a few extra goodies from moi!  I got to keep some surprises.  

Amber is an encourager at heart and even with a difficult client like me, she gave me hope that I can achieve my goals and be fit again.
— Lilah
Amber has been with me through many of the ups (and some of the downs) of my journey. She’s always there to give you a shout out when you are crushing your goals. Or re-route you when you are having a tough time.

Amber’s four week meal plan was VERY easy to follow. It makes grocery shopping and meal prepping a breeze.
— Kathryn


One of the exercises I ask my ladies to do before we start working together is this... and let's do it together now, okay?  Good.  Take a beat to focus on the person YOU want to be in 30 days... is she sleeping better?  is she taking a wee bit of time each week to focus on her?  are her kids eating a wee bit healthier?  does she notice in the afternoons she isn't reaching for coffee/soda, but actually having energy?  does her pants fit her in all the right places?  is her skin clearing up?  does her belly feel happy and less bloated/crampy?  

brand + letter.jpg

Really focus on WHO you are striving towards... HOW she is feeling... WHAT is she doing... WHAT does her typical day look like now? Write it down.  

Yep.  I'm serious... write it down.  

Now... thank this person.  

Thank her for making the sacrifices.  Thank her for believing in you to get there.  Thank her for all the healthy steps she took forward each day. Thank her for making that investment in you.  Thank her for the time she took for herself.  Thank her for it all... simply thank her.  

Keep this letter on your nightstand + read it... each morning before you start your day + each evening before you lay your head down for sleep.  Read where you are headed + how much you appreciate yourself.  Even if YOU are thinking our It Takes Brain + Guts members space isn't for you... maybe it's the wrong time... maybe it's not a good fit.  No worries, love.   Seriously.  No worries, you have to do what is right for you.  

My only hope for you is for you to live your most optimal self... for you to have energy to play, to live and to be present in your life.  To share with you all the information I have learned so that YOU can implement and do what is right for you.  Plus, provide a positive rich environment for support and camaraderie.  

Questions ???

No worries, love!  I got you covered... just shoot me a message HERE + I'll be sure to answer ASAP!  

ps.  ASAP in hot mess mama terms means 24-48 hours!  Thank you for understanding... + can't wait to see you in the "It Takes Brain + Guts" members' space!!!