Nutritional Journey with Amber


Every great journey starts with a beginning, right?  Well.  Let's take a beat to go back... roughly 5 years ago.  When our twins, the Gillies, entered the world in a beautiful chaotic whirlwind of emotion at 27 weeks.  We spent 100+ days in the NICU, bouncing between hospitals... between cities... between doctors trying to learn anything + everything we could for our sweet Gillies.  This is when I discovered the importance of nutrition.  Um, I always knew nutrition was important but it finally set in HOW important it was... as a new mama who was breastfeeding (TMI?) twins in the NICU.  What I ate is the nutrients they received, right?  So.  With our twins, I had to dive deep into brain health for one... and gut health for the other.  Their story is their story... and one still raw on this mama's heart so we will leave it at that, but I think it's important to know.  

Our journey began when this mama realized there was a connection between optimal brain + gut health... and that nutrition was crucial component.  Plus, one I could attempt to control and as a mama of twins in the NICU, anything I could control was a blessing.  

captured by Polka Dot Umbrella Photography

captured by Polka Dot Umbrella Photography

It Takes Brain + Guts: Nutrition is a 4-week journey where you will receive delicious recipes along with the tools you need to reduce mental fog, gain clean energy and shed some unwanted poundage.


This is for the woman who knows nutrition is important to her mental well-being and overall health; however, is tired of eating bland chicken breast and if someone offers her broccoli, she may just punch them in the throat.  A woman who is living a beautifully chaotic life yet always feeling drained and unable to be fully focused with the ones she loves.  She longs for simplicity and for someone to provide hand her a game plan of what to eat + when while giving her the tools to learn for herself.  

This 4 week nutritional journey is one I have shared with several of my dearest friends and have seen amazing results.  The energy and vibrancy put back into their daily lives brings my heart joy.  And now, I am sharing it with you, love.  But let's dive a wee bit deeper!



There is something about joining a tribe of women who are on the same journey as you… (which is to live the healthiest life possible)!  By joining our virtual "It Takes Brain + Guts", you will be placed in a private + supportive environment where we can dive deep into your own wellness goals!  

In the private setting, you will have access to Me (hold the applause... just kidding).  I'll pop in once a week LIVE in our community where you can "ask anything"!  Plus, before we kick off our journey together I'll make a point to hop on a quick call with YOU to see what your goals are + hear any concerns you may have before getting started.



This is my jam... I LOVE creating menus and using recipes which are nutritious + make one's brain happy.  Here you will receive 4 weekly menus which are loaded with family-style recipes approved by my "meat and potato" hubster + 5yr old twins.  

Seriously.  If 5 year olds will eat these meals, you know they must be good!  Am I right?  Note:  These recipes are gluten free, legume free and for the most part, dairy free. 

You'll have receive a handy-dandy grocery list guide and meal prep tips to help shave time out of the kitchen.  You are welcome. 

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With this journey, I don't just want to GIVE you the recipes... but I want to give you the tools and information we have learned along the way to make this a lifestyle.  

You heard of the saying, "give a man a fish, he has dinner.  teach a man to fish, he eats for life."  Well, it goes something like that anyways... and that's the point of this!  

Each week we will dive deep into one topic where I will share with you tidbits + the research behind it along with tips for you to start implementing when you are ready! 


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Dude.  It seems the marketing world is getting rather sneaky with their "wording" on labels and can easily trip you up!  This week, we will decode the labels... help you understand where sugar is hiding along with gluten... and figure out which words to ignore on labels + which ones are true!  

My goal for you is to become a decoding label master!



It's no secret I love to skip breakfast and enjoy a late brunch each day.  This week, we will discuss in depth about this eating style called Intermittent Fasting along with the benefits.  I'll even share with you tips to help you ease in the transition... and reasons why Intermittent Fasting (IF) may not be an eating style for some!  

My goal for you is to listen to your body, breaking your fast later in the morning may be what your gut needs!



This is a crucial step... knowing HOW to load up your plate when you break your fast, before you hit the sheets and after a workout.  Throughout our journey, I have learned my body needs different macronutrients at different times.  

My goal for you is to listen to your body and understand how it responds to certain foods... to be mindful when eating + gain clean energy and mental focus with a nutritious plate.



Life happens, love.  Trust me... I completely understand.  It seems like whenever life is starting to fall into some sort of groove, the universe shouts... "PLOT TWIST" and completely knocks me on my tooshie.  

This week, we will discuss ways to stay on top of your health goals while traveling, visiting family during the holidays, on vacation or just having a nice dinner out!  

My goal for you is to feel confident even when life gives you bumps or little hiccups down the road. 


Amber helped me pinpoint the thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back. I had never thought it possible that I would achieve my goals but I have and continue to do so. It’s been a little over 2 years and I have kept the 20 lbs and over 20 inches OFF!! The seeds that were sown have germinated and are thriving.
— Stacy
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I know that's a LOT of information to read + take in... plus, if you are like me, you may appreciate "bullet-style" learning more.  So, here goes, love!  


  • Virtual + Private Community (for women only)
  • Weekly LIVE FAQ Calls with Me
  • Fresh recipes which are simple + family friendly 
  • Menu with Grocery List + Meal Prep Tips
  • Weekly Topics with Hacks to start implementing
  • Online Support from some pretty bad-sassarinas 


  • Private Introductory Call with Amber to Help Get You Started Right!
  • Printable Guides for:  Getting Started Right, Dining Out + Travel Tips

Plus... a few extra goodies from moi!  I got to keep some surprises.  


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One of the exercises I ask my ladies to do before we start working together is this... and let's do it together now, okay?  Good.  

Take a beat to focus on the person YOU want to be in 30 days... is she sleeping better?  is she taking a wee bit of time each week to focus on her?  are her kids eating a wee bit healthier?  does she notice in the afternoons she isn't reaching for coffee/soda, but actually having energy?  does her pants fit her in all the right places?  is her skin clearing up?  does her belly feel happy and less bloated/crampy?  

Really focus on WHO you are striving towards... HOW she is feeling... WHAT is she doing... WHAT does her typical day look like now? Write it down.  

Yep.  I'm serious... write it down.  

Now... thank this person.  

Thank her for making the sacrifices.  Thank her for believing in you to get there.  Thank her for all the healthy steps she took forward each day. Thank her for making that investment in you.  Thank her for the time she took for herself.  Thank her for it all... simply thank her.  

Keep this letter on your nightstand + read it... each morning before you start your day + each evening before you lay your head down for sleep.  Read where you are headed + how much you appreciate yourself.  Even if YOU are thinking our It Takes Brain + Guts nutritional journey isn't for you... maybe it's the wrong time... maybe it's not a good fit.  No worries, love.   Seriously.  No worries, you have to do what is right for you.  

My only hope for you is for you to live your most optimal self... for you to have energy to play, to live and to be present in your life.  To share with you all the information I have learned so that YOU can implement and do what is right for you.  Plus, provide a positive rich environment for support and camaraderie.



No worries, love!  I got you covered... just shoot me a message HERE + I'll be sure to answer ASAP!  

ps.  ASAP in hot mess mama terms means 24-48 hours!  Thank you for understanding... + can't wait to see you in the "It Takes Brain + Gutsmembers' space!!!