There is something about joining a tribe of women who are on the same journey as you… (which is to live the healthiest life possible)!  By joining our virtual accountability group, you will be placed in a supportive environment where we can dive deep into your own wellness goals!  


NO BRAINERS:  Monthly Magazine + Community

“NO BRAINERS is a monthly subscription where you will receive new recipes, daily health hacks + additional tidbits to help you reach the goals you set for yourself! ”

In this setting, you will have access to Me (hold the applause... just kidding) and hear a LIVE webinar based on the action plan for the month.  These webinars will either be held by yours truly or through a guest speaker! 

There will be opportunities where you can "ask anything" + we can share tidbits on how to make more steps forward toward your goal.   Plus, you can join me in my kitchen where we COOK TOGETHER… virtually, of course!  

With NO BRAINERS, you will have delivered to your inbox a magazine (aka. field guide) which includes:  recipes, an action plan, green beauty tips + a wee bit more!


The Brain + Gut Health Explorers is a COMPLIMENTARY community for women where we share health hacks, such as: 

  • how to fuel your plate to heal your gut

  • clean recipes (dairy free + gluten free)

  • tips on workout gear, fitness routines, etc

  • why focusing on a positive mindset matters

  • what's new in the Gillies' household

  • and more...

We also have a topic of the month which the community VOTES on + we have a LIVE webinar based on that topic!  The webinars are hosted either by myself or a guest speaker who has more experience based on the topic of hand!  

this group is for women only, sorry dudes.


Amber is an encourager at heart and even with a difficult client like me, she gave me hope that I can achieve my goals and be fit again.
— Lilah

“...Completely changed my life!”

Amber has been with me through many of the ups (and some of the downs) of my journey. She's always there to give you a shout out when you are crushing your goals. Or re-route you when you are having a tough time.

Amber's four week meal plan was VERY easy to follow. It makes grocery shopping and meal prepping a breeze.

— Kathryn

“Never thought this was possible to achieve my goals ...but I have.”

Amber helped me pinpoint the thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back.

I had never thought it possible that I would achieve my goals but I have and continue to do so. It's been a little over 2 years and I have kept the 20 lbs and over 20 inches OFF!!

The seeds that were sown have germinated and are thriving.

— Stacy

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