Our journey towards optimal brain + gut health began when our twins, the Gillies were born... at 27 weeks, approximately 5 years ago.  We realized nutrition played a vital role and there was an actual connection between one's guts and brain!   Here's a few options we have to help you live your most vibrant + productive self by focusing on foods which help heal the brain + one's guts.  

Two things to note:  majority of these meals are gluten-free, legume-free and dairy-free (although, we do opt for grass-fed cow's butter at times).  Also to note, I'm a doctor... yes.  I am a human. Yet, I am not a HUMAN DOCTOR, you feel me.  And I am not YOUR doctor.  Before trying any new fitness or nutritional program, always touch base with your primary care physician to see if the program is right for you!  



Here is what's included: 

  • one week's worth of recipes which focuses on optimal brain and gut health

  • a printable grocery list to make shopping a breeze

  • meal prep tips to help you move smoothly in the kitchen (not spend all day in there)!

These recipes are primal-based which to me mean...  legume, dairy and grain free meals!  Plus, all our recipes are toddler approved (by our now 5yr old twins).



One thing I love is our daily superfoodie smoothie... which is loaded with adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics and other goodness.  Our 5yr old twins, the Gillies, love it when mama mixes blueberries, spinach, almond butter and almond milk with the vegan vanilla protein mix.  And I'll be real, it makes me feel like a SUPERMAMA seeing them drink these smoothies up... loaded with brain-berries, leafy greens and healthy fats.  SCORE!


NO BRAINERS: Memberspace

Over the years, I have fallen in love with the brain + gut connection!  The journey began with the hubster + I simply trying to research and learn as much as possible for our own children's health and well-being.  

Now.  I am blessed to put what we have learned on our journey into a virtual monthly membership where you receive bite-size consumable pieces to help you live your most vibrant + productive self along with family-friendly recipes, clean beauty tips and more!

You can see the break down fully HERE! 


Healthy living isn’t restrictive, it’s healing. Your health is worth fighting for, love.

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