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1:1 Private Coach Session

Looking for a way to tap into a new source of energy + motivation while balancing LIFE with HOMESCHOOLING? Then pull up a seat and let's chat!

With our private coach session, Amber will help you get to the NEXT LEVEL with a customized itinerary for YOU including non-negotiables, weekly tasks and biohacks to help you up-level your time + energy... so you feel your most efficient and productive self. 

You'll receive an hour coaching session with Amber where you will will dive into what your business goals as well as personal and family goals.  After the call, Amber will create a personalized workbook just for you!

This personalized workbook will include:  your non-negotiables, your weekly goals as well as a weekly schedule which will help you visualize the goals you set for yourself and give you structure in moving forward towards your goals. 

  • 60 minute coaching session with Amber 
  • Personalized workbook just for you
  • List of non-negotiables for your business, family and personal matters
  • Weekly tasks to move forward towards the goals you set 
  • Sample of a Weekly Calendar so you can visualize how it can all tie together 
  • Personalized biohacks to start implementing TODAY so you can feel energized + efficient


Before working with Amber, I didn't know how I was spending my time. I knew I was busy, but my activities were disjointed and I was missing a consistent routine. I had a growing list of to-dos, but no real plan on how to prioritize and tackle them. That left me feeling overwhelmed and believing I wasn't making the progress I wanted in my business.

That situation is a thing of the past! Through Amber's guidance I came up with detailed daily routines focused on not only achieving my business goals, but giving me the space and time freedom I needed. We created a morning routine (which I actually stuck with because of her accountability coaching), a weekly and daily list of non-negotiables custom to my business, as well as weekly tasks chunked out in a way that was completely doable. Because of this organization, I was able to finally get into a rhythm and cross things off my to-do list that had been there for months!

Even though this work is great, and something I can now implement on my own, the biggest reward in this journey of working with Amber has been healing my relationship with time even more. I now respect my time more than ever, and I'm seeing that being reflected back to me by others respecting my time. I now know how to create more time and spaciousness in my business and life as a busy mom. And I truly value my time in a whole new way.

Amber is an amazing coach, accountability partner, and strategist. If you're feeling overwhelmed balancing business and personal, not knowing what tasks to conquer every day, or what strategies to put into place to reach your goals, Amber is the coach to help you work through all of that and come out on the other side organized, motivated, and ready to take on the world!

- Jen Conger


There is no doubt that Amber is a master when it comes to setting a plan and accountability. But the true value she brings to the table is her child like spirit and endless energy. She transforms to-dos into “so do-ables”. And in addition, she shows us that what slows us down in life isn’t lack of motivation, it’s that we have existing habits that aren’t allowing our optimum flow to come through in our daily lives. She gives you ways to increase your energy and at the same time directs you on how to more efficiently utilize that energy. If you are looking for a streamlined path and a way to get more out of what you do, look no further. She’s definitely your bio-hack accountability coach.  

- Elizabeth Ralph