No Brainers + Community

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No Brainers + Community

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( BETA )

A monthly digital magazine tailored towards helping you live your most vibrant + productive self by exploring tips on optimal brain + gut health.

Within the magazine, you will find nutritious (and simple) recipes which are pre-approved by our 5yr old twins, the Gillies. Plus, a health hack for the month along with bite-size actionable steps for you to take to live 1% better. Just one percent!

An added bonus to the brain + gut health magazine is the community - which is set up in a virtual online setting (aka. private Facebook group). Here we dive deeper into the brain + gut health… sharing tidbits on what is working for us, cheering one another on and the opportunity to have LIVE conversations with me (while cooking, shopping and just sitting at the coffee table).

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No Brainers is currently being tested out in our beta group… and there is always room for you, love.

If you would like to join in with our Beta Group, simply add this to your cart and purchase. The next issue of NO BRAINERS is ready + ladies are already taken action within our group!

How does it help with brain + gut health? Well, let’s break it down in bullet-style format because that’s how I roll:

  • gluten and dairy free recipes to help reduce brain fog, gain mental clarity, decrease belly bloat and relieve cramps. basically, helps you be more productive and get that GI tract (um, gut) moving in the right direction… hello, poopage!

  • health hacks in bite-sized consumable pieces to help you live your most optimal self… simple tweaks in your daily habits compound over time and become your future. YIKES!

  • green beauty tips delivered to you each month because the products you use on your face, your body and in your household can be absorbed into your skin + may affect your overall health! we dive deep into the cupboards to make sure your products are keeping you and your family healthy!

There’s a few more other goodies in the magazine… but you get the gist. We focus on improving mental clarity, reducing chemicals, shedding that MFP (mama-fanny-pack), preventing cognitive decline and surrounding ourselves with cheerful + inspiring women in our virtual community.

P.S. What does Beta Group mean? Well, it means the product is available to a select few women who get the opportunity to share what they love about the product + things they wish the product included… we make a few tweaks before we unleash the FINAL product to the public. It’s kinda like a “Behind The Scenes” look into how it all comes together with YOU sharing your thoughts!

NOTE: The NO BRAINERS January issue will be the first issue out of beta-testing… so the price will be increased to $25USD. Just a heads up! There will also be the availability to purchase the field guide (aka. magazine) without the community, if you so choose.