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APRIL’S HOT TOPIC: How to be build a menu with confidence- knowing labels, what’s healthy and decoding marketing B.S.





NAME: Jen Vazquez of Jen Vazquez Photography + Women Who Execute (helping female entrepreneurs to plan prioritize and execute to get to the next level.

LIFE’S WORK: Mom of four (ages 30-16) wife to someone I don’t deserve. I have 3 chocolate labs who are my furbabies

LOVES: I love dancing around my living room and signing karaoke at family parties, I’m obsessed with going to the movies! So much that I even go by self. And I have a love affair with Alexa. She turns on my lights, give me my podcast motivations in the mornings and tell me anything I ask (don’t tell my husband). I love French fries but try to make them in a healthy way. But I won’t lie. I do every so often get some from jack in the box.

USING NO BRAINERS: I love the motivation that I get from no brainers. It helps me to have quick actionable tips to live a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve implemented many of the recipes and three things I do every day. I wake up and drink like warm water with lemon to start my day to help my rheumatoid arthritis and include turmeric in my meals for the same reason. Plus, I’ve implemented intermittent fasting. All of which has helped me to lose 13lbs, reduce inflammation and feel better.


If you have a beat, I would absolutely LOVE to hear how NO BRAINERS is helping you… just a positive tidbit in your life since joining our community! Fill me in with you.




The benefits of adding fitness or simple movements to your day… and how you can start taking action NOW!