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Dec 15, 2019

Here's just a quick glance on simple tips we use to get our twins, the Gillies... who are 6... to eat their vegetables.  For all the moms out there, hope this helps!

First thing is first... it starts with the MENU!

Each week, we allow the Gillies to choose ONE vegetable of THEIR choice and ONE vegetable THEY HAVE to agree on... for the week ahead.

It never fails... little man will choose broccoli while little miss opts for asparagus or leafy greens like spinach

SIDE NOTE: Little Miss likes asparagus because it makes their pee smell funny... and Little Man likes to eat "trees". Sha babes, right?

Now that they EACH get a vegetable of their choosing, they have to AGREE on which vegetable they will choose together.

Recently, the vegetable they choose TOGETHER is brussels... which they love drizzled with avocado oil, bacon bits and roasted. And I'm not complaining either.

Next we head to the grocery store.  Now, we all go SHOPPING together which is a wee bit of a hassle and I do admit, somedays, I'd rather stroll gingerly by myself reading labels + pretending to be a HIGH TICKETED Chef.... but...

When we shop together, the Gillies are EXCITED to purchase things for our family menu... and it's a good learning lesson to teach HOW the foods nourish our bodies, what we look for when we grab produce and such.

The last tip I have is to bring them into the FINAL PRODUCT which is help cook the family meal... with assistance of course. During the week, each Gillie gets to be the CHEF with mama and set the table... be the wait staff and spoil the other Gillie.

They find it HILARIOUS and enjoy telling the family what they cooked + how they did it... plus, I'm preparing them for when they are teenagers--- they can cook dinner for the whole family while mama is soaking in the tub (MWAH HA HA!). 

So, there you go... our family's simple tips on how to get our Gillies to eat their veggies: 

  • Build a menu together and allow them to choose ONE vegetable themselves
  • Agree on ONE vegetable together 
  • Be involved in the shopping process + discuss why these vegetables help nourish our bodies... and learn what to look for in the shopping process (ie. no wilted leaves)
  • Step up in the kitchen + be a little chef!

IF you have any tips on how you get your kiddos to eat their vegetables, then by all means, drop it in the comments below!   Because the more you know... the more you can grow.


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