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Why You Should Protect Your Inner Circle

Nov 09, 2019

You most likely heard the saying, "you are the sum of the 5 folks you hang around the most"... obviously, I'm paraphrasing, but you get the gist.

And even with my poorly performed paraphrasing, the meaning still holds true which is why one should PROTECT THEIR INNER CIRCLE. the folks you spend the most time with, love.


When you are around folks who are inspiring, positive and focused on a mission. THEIR words will inspire you... their dreams, visions, habits will sink in + affect how you think, how you work and the habits you form.

It's why most folks do best in a MASTERMIND group with business... how having a fitness group for ACCOUNTABILITY allows people to crush their health goals...etc. You are all inspiring one another towards a like-minded goal - it may not be the same but it's moving forward.

Today, take a glimpse of the folks in your inner circle... I'll be honest, 2/5 of my inner circle are 6yr olds - YIKES!   Anywho, try to find folks who lift you up... who speak positivity, who are genuine and are pushing towards a goal. surround yourself with those folks + do your best to speak positivity to them, too.

If you have someone who INSPIRES you or want to shout-out someone in your inner circle, tag them in the comments below or better yet shoot them a text saying how much you appreciate them. 

For me, the women in my private virtual community [ You can join >> HERE << ] inspire me to keep moving forward and showing up as one percent better each day.



Grit + Gumption.



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