All jokes açai'd, this is my favorite açai bowl recipe... so much so, that some nights I stay up contemplating opening up our own FOOD TRUCK where all I do is serve açai bowls with all the toppings.  (hashtag:  trademarking this idea, so no ideas)


The toppings is where the magic happens and we will get to that but first... WHY AÇAI BOWLS, Amber?  Well.  I stumbled upon the magic of these bowls when I attended a veterinary conference about 2-3years ago down in San Diego.  It was delicious but NOT something that was rather common in the boonies of East Texas... so, I forgot about them.  (tragic, I know).

Recently, our family relocated AND we may be in trouble as the place we are currently staying is 2mins from a cafe that whips up delicious açaí bowls.  Yet the price tag DEFINITELY PACKS a GUT PUNCH... so, I decided to learn how to MAKE my own.  

side note:  I still purchase a bowl from the local café at least once every two weeks to support local businesses PLUS sometimes I like to treat myself 


These berries are packed with some impressive health benefits... such as:

  • antioxidants
  • healthy fats
  • low in sugar
  • MAY have anti-cancer effects
  • thought to boost brain function

YET the best part of açaí bowls to me is ALL the toppings like I mentioned above! I love adding a bit of crunch with crushed walnuts, pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, chia and flax seeds and drizzled with a wee bit of honey or even almond butter!  

Anywho.  Here's a simple BASE for your açai bowl... but promise me, when we get our food truck UP and running, you'll come by to visit + snag one of our bowls!  


Some of my FAVORITE toppings on my açai bowl include:  sliced up bananas, chia seeds, bee pollen, a drizzle of honey, fresh organic blueberries and a dab of melted almond butter.   BUT the question is this... what is YOUR favorite toppings?   

I'd seriously like to know... research, mainly for my dream of a food truck... share with me your FAVORITE TOPPINGS here!  The more you know, the more you can grow :) 

love + gumption.



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