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Biohacking is basically the journey of experimenting with external/internal factors to help YOU become the BEST version of you. And here's a few tips to help YOU embark on your own journey to be the BEST version of YOU, the superhuman version as the Gillies, our twins say.

1. Identify WHY this is important to you... something I discovered is when we focus on SERVING + helping others, we stay motivated. When the WHY is more than just ourselves.

2. Biohacking isn't just about fancy gadgets... it has to do a lot with our habits + the not so fancy day-in, day-out tasks we do which no one will see.

3. There's more to it than just NUTRITION... it's also about our MINDSET, breathing, movement, functional medicine and so much more.

4. Overwhelmed with where to start choose one habit and implement until it becomes second nature. If we try to GO BIG or GO HOME, we tend to get frustrated or overwhelmed and slip back into older habits.

5. Try to spend 30 minutes each day with your feet in the soil. It's such an easy concept to do... yet because it's easy to do, it's also EASY TO FORGET TO DO!

6. Prioritize your SLEEP. Treat her like you would a relationship... plan when you are going to sleep, prepare a solid night time routine and focus ONLY on sleep when it's time.

7. Put down the compareschlager. Not sure where I heard this term, but the concept is simple. Comparing YOUR journey to someone else will simply drain you of energy + the joy you feel when YOU accomplish goals. You are not on the same path as anyone else... nor is anyone on YOUR path. So why on earth would you compare your journey? Embrace WHERE you are and...

8. CELEBRATE each milestone, no matter how big or small.  By focusing on even the tiniest of victories, you are creating motivation!


Whew!  There's my 8 tips to getting started on your "biohacking" journey.... remember, it doesn't have to be go BIG or go HOME we simply start by focusing on just 1% better every single day!  


Now, if you are looking for a wee more support on your biohacking journey then, love, maybe our Biohacker Babe Academy is the place for you --- it's full of beautiful-hearted women who are on their journey just like YOU!  You can read more about it AND learn if you are a good fit for BBA as well as if WE are a good fit for you.  

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And if you have ANY questions or just want to fill me in on which step YOU are going to take FIRST --- I absolutely LOVE to chat with you :)  You can reach me on the 'gram here! 


Grit + Gumption.



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There's only two currencies in life:  time and energy. We may not be able to generate more time, but you certainly can generate more energy.  Let me show you how!


The quote, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one", is one of my favorites as it celebrates the ability to be passionate about more than one thing.  A few of my passions shared on this website include: business strategy, biohacks, books and badsass endurance events. 

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