The Biggest Mistakes I Made When Starting My Business... (Which Also Applies To Homeschooling!)

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Most folks don't like to call out their own mistakes... however, IF by me listing out the top 3 mistakes I have made (thus far) in my business helps YOU not to make the same mistakes then let's do this.  I'm all for mamas helping one another build their digital empire.  

In no particular order... 


Mimicking my schedule to what other "successful" coaches, mentors or fellow entrepreneurs were doing (or saying on social media they were doing!).  

It's true what they say, "success leaves clues", but one thing I realized was that not everyone has the same daily obstacles as I do.  

Were these coaches homeschooling their twins?  Nope.  Were these mentors puppy training two new puppies?  Nope.  Were these fellow entrepreneurs doing x, y or z?  Nope, they had q, r and s!

Not everyone has MY life schedule or obligations nor does everyone have YOURS... so it makes sense that my (or your) schedule for work and/or homeschool will not look like someone else's.  

This doesn't mean either one of us is wrong... it's just what it is.  And it doesn't mean that YOU, he, she or me will not be successful... it just means our day will look different than the next successful person. 

And that is MORE than okay!  



I didn't NEED another course.  Yep, that was a tough one to swallow... because let's be honest, FOMO is real!  Yet purchasing course after course after course just leaves one slightly overwhelmed with ALL the content to consume and no time to actually APPLY any of the information. 

What I learned is that I didn't need any more courses.  Yes, courses are great if you want to learn a specific skill - I love furthering my education but when you start accumulating course logins without actually applying the material then things get icky.  

You most likely already know what YOU need to do in your business... because it's YOUR business!  

Once I discovered this then I realized it wasn't another course I needed to purchase but truly just using my time efficiently to apply all the information I gathered. 



This realization was like a sucker punch in the gut which left me wondering how I was "adulting" every day.  Not following? Let me explain. 

With outsourcing, my thinking was limited to strictly business.  Yet with one exercise where I mapped out where I was spending time during the day, I realized there were several 'non business' related activities which I could outsource.  

You need an example?  Of course you do!  

Two days a week, we have truly busy family days... besides homeschooling + work, I find myself adding coaching sessions + appointments for Gillies and more.  This has me looking like a spastic squirrel spazzed out on energy drink come dinner time with every pot burning on the stove, the Gillies getting a tad cranky and the dogs fighting for my attention.  It's not pretty and quite stressful. 

What was the switch?  Outsourcing to a local paleo chef!  Every week, I pick up two dinners from this chef and have them for those nights.   Bonus points for the chef cooking us MORE than 4 servings, so we usually have lunch the next day as well.  SCORE!

By outsourcing this one task reduced my stress + helped the day run smoother than I could ever imagine. 

And that's the beauty of outsourcing - saves time, energy and mom's sanity!

DO THE WORK:  Identify WHERE you are spending your time - and what items YOU could outsource, if any!  Be creative! 


Those are my top 3 biggest mistakes THUS FAR on my entrepreneurial journey... and I'm quite confident there will be more to come, but that's a beautiful thing.  It means you are learning, experimenting and hopefully, getting better! 


Now, don't leave me hanging... what is one of YOUR biggest mistakes as a digital CEO?  Got one you think might help me, then I'd love to hear it!  Just shoot me a DM + fill me in with what you got.


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