My Birthday Eve Tradition


On the eve of my birthday which happens to be in November, I have this tradition which I've been doing since our twins were born. 

It's quite simple.  I take a beat to write down every. single. thing. that's in my heart to accomplish over the course of the upcoming year.  These things can sound completely silly or extremely terrifying.  Some may focus on business, family life, the hubster, relationships with friends, be vet-related, overall health/wellness, green-living, learning a new skill... or anything and everything in between.  

Once I have this listed written down, I map out the next year to do at least ONE a month or ONE a week (if it’s a new tradition I hope catches on in our family!). 

Sounds terrifying, doesn't it?   Maybe, but it doesn't have to be... the cure for fear is action. 

One thing on my list for my 37th trip around the sun... is to wear red lipstick.  

Another thing on the list is running an ultra-marathon. I use to LOVE allowing my mind to be completely clear as I lost myself (not the way) on a trail for hours at a time... thankful for my legs ability, grateful for the air in my lungs and just alone with my thoughts. it's seriously the one place I feel closest to our late sister, Emily. odd, right?

However, it's been awhile since I had the opportunity to run a race - not giving any excuses but with twins + a hubster always on-call.  It's a wee bit challenging to squeeze in the training let alone find time to complete an actual race.

Yet, as soon as the hubster spotted it on my list, he looked at his work calendar, pulled up google and researched ultra trail races near us + signed me up.

Coming March 2019, I'll be able to cross ultra-trail race off my list once again... and I wonder. what's ONE thing YOU would put on your list, love?

dream silly.

dream big.

just dream.

“Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future.”
— Pinterest Find

Want to take a glimpse of a few items on my list around the sun…


Here goes:

  1. Wear red lipstick (even just around the house)

  2. Continue Friday night fancy dinner parties at the house… with kids, fancy dishes, candles and no electronics.

  3. Train, run and complete an ultra trail race… not dying would be an added bonus.

  4. Actually learn how to play the guitar… take lessons either online or in person

  5. Go out of your way for the hubster at least once a week… help with taking dogs out in the snow, bake his favorite dessert, allow him to sleep in on the mornings he isn’t on call, etc.  (note: don’t boast about it.  Otherwise, you are doing it for the wrong reasons!)

  6. Take a family adventure once a week… explore a new park, discover a restaurant in a nearby town, get lost in the local bookstore, go to a play, collect leaves or bugs outside, etc.

  7. Sign up, train, compete and finish another Spartan race as a couple.

  8. Attend a LIVE event which focuses on personal growth as well as help you move your business forwar

  9. Add meditation to your day in small bite size pieces.

  10. Schedule family and friends calls each month to video chat with loved ones… allow Gillies to see family members and keep the connection alive.

  11. Read a new book each week… something educational, not just my favorite Deborah Harkness novels.

and it continues…


You'll notice the list isn’t too grand.

There are a few that I’ll have to either purchase something for (aka. red lipstick) and ones that will include travel (races, conference, etc), but the hope is to do as many as possible + for the items on the list to help ME be a better version of MYSELF. to help ME keep the values I hold dear to me… well, close to me.


I’d love to hear what would be on YOUR list?

You don’t have to do as many as I do!  Heck, you don’t have to have a list at all, but if you do… share with me what’s on it! I'd love to cheer you on. 


Now, that’s just a wee glimpse into what happens during our birthday celebrations… but the BEST part of my birthday is the Gillies, our twins. They are ridiculously cute!  Trying to keep it a secret what they are doing for my birthday, wanting to show me the handmade cards they made with daddy and then baking me my favorite chocolate chess pie from scratch.

Last year, I got my gift early because the Gillies couldn’t keep a secret and the hubster managed to catch the oven on fire with the chess pie! 

It’s always a riot in our house when it’s someone’s birthday… and isn’t that a beautiful thing.

happy birthday to my fellow Scorpios… and a very merry unbirthday to you, love.


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