This Twin Mom's Birthday Eve Tradition

You know those folks who get super excited about their birthday... telling everyone from the grocery store clerk to the coffee barista it's their birthday!  Yep, I'm not that person.   

And it's not because I do not like celebrating my birthday or want to hide the fact I am aging.  Celebrating another year of life is a GIFT and I'm grateful for life. 

It's just I feel like birthdays are a beautiful time for growth + gratitude.   Plus, I am NOT a fan of opening up presents in front of folks... it seems I never show the appropriate amount of enthusiasm for the gift purchased.  Either I'm too over the top or, well, not.  

Let me also add, this is NOT something I do with our twins, the Gillies... although, thinking about it now this could be a tradition we start with them later on. 

Anywho.  How about we get back to growth + gratitude, shall we? 


On the eve of my birthday, when the Gillies are tucked asleep in their beds... I like to sprawl out in front of the fire with my favorite pen and a journal.  Now, you KNOW you are getting up there in age when you have a favorite pen!  

I set out two personal goals... first goal is to write about the past year, making sure to list all the things I am grateful for as well as the lessons learned.  I reflect on the adventures I had and the obstacles faced.  It's hard to write, but the areas where I need to improve on also go down in the journal.  Times when I may have lost my patience... not handled a conversation as well as I could have... or just acted like a horse rump.  

The next goal is to meditate on the person I would love to be in one year's time.  What does she look like?  How is she wearing her hair?  What are her hobbies?  How is she spending her time?  What clothes is she wearing and what happened to her black leggings?  

Seriously, though.  I think about this woman I would love to be in one year's time... and I work backwards visualizing her daily habits.  How does she spend her mornings, is she working out, who does she spend time with and what books is she reading?  I write it all down in a jumble cartoonish way.  

Yes, there are doodles involved.  

Then I list all the habits the NEXT YEAR ME is doing... and figure out which ones I can start implementing FIRST thing on my birthday.  

I know it may sound silly to some... but each year on the eve of my birthday, I look forward to making my two list.  List of reflection and list of implementation.  It's like a secret (not so much anymore) birthday present I give to myself. 

Because most of us tend to be curious creatures, what would be on YOUR letter for growth... and do you have any birthday traditions for yourself?  I'm curious to learn.  

If you would like to learn MORE about some of my habits I put on my birthday lists in the past, I've jotted them all down in my book, NO BRAINER.  It's filled with health hacks and shares a glimpse of my journey to being just one percent better.  

love + gumption. 


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