BOOK REVIEW: Body Love by Kelly LeVeque


The other day a friend commented on a post of mine on social media asking if I had heard of the “FAB4Smoothies” because some of my recipes were quite similar.

Now. Honestly, it wasn’t the FIRST time to hear about the “FAB4Smoothies”… I heard about them and their creator, Kelly LeVeque over a year ago on a Rachel Hollis podcast. Then again recently on another podcast, although, I can’t place it right now.


THIRD TIME IS THE CHARM… so I searched on Amazon for her book, BODY LOVE and snatched it up! This past week, I wrapped it up and placed the book on the shelf… but not before I tabbed a few pages, highlighted and tried a LOT of the recipes!



“To build a lifestyle and not a diet, you really have to go one habit at a time.” — Kelly LeVeque

Tidbits you might want to know… Kelly LeVeque is “celebrity favorite health and wellness consultant” which is something I did not know. Apparently, I live in a bubble!


I loved this book! Not only because the recipes are simply delicious but because she broke down the simplicity of eating well... and explained WHY you feel like your on an emotionally draining rollercoaster when you eat certain meals and even when one eats frequent meals.

She also illustrates WHAT your plates should look like and keeps things super simple with her FAB 4 meals. So, there’s no guessing… these foods will help you stay fully longer, help you from suffering from a sugar crash and basically help you FEEL YOUR BEST!

But, here’s the kicker… towards the end of the book, the author takes things ONE STEP FURTHER by helping you focus on WHY you are choosing the FAB 4 as your lifestyle and how YOU can focus on living your best life.

Okay. If you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend this book... it's not about a diet, but personalizing your nutrition for YOUR LIFESTYLE and more!

This book will be on the shelf, but in close reach… I’m still not through making all those delicious “FAB4Smoothies”. If you tried one, which one was your favorite? Make sure to comment below or shoot me a DM on social to let me know! Today’s was CHUNKY MONKEY…. so good! Oh, so good!

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