Taking Time To Celebrate The Small Stuff Helps Motivation

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One thing we sometimes forget to do when mapping out a HUGE goal we have whether that's a health/fitness goal, weight loss goal, business venture, family goal, etc.... is CELEBRATE the wins along the way.

Celebrating ALL the wins is something I learned which helped me tremendously on my health journey. simply celebrating small successes.  For instance, with every 5 pounds, I would treat myself to something...

  • a full body massage

  • a new facial mask I have been eyeing

  • an avocado t-shirt

  • a pair of @JCrew shorts to show off my hard work

  • a night to binge watch my favorite tv series (don't judge, it's currently Castle)

Here’s the kicker though, I did this ONLY with my health journey or with the kids goals… but NOT with my business.  What?!?

That’s completely bonkers, right?

With every goal I set for myself with my digital entrepreneurial business, I would break a HUGE goal down into bite size bits.

Then when I crossed off one of the smaller bits, I would simply rush to go to the next one… and the next one… and the next one. NEVER CELEBRATING!!!

And if you never celebrate ANYTHING, eventually over time, you lose focus.  You get frustrated by not reaching your goal or never having enough of ___ (insert something) ___… you, well, burn out.

Once, I realized this I knew something needed to change and fast.

So, I took a gander at the goals which were set for myself.  These goals were set in business, in relationships, with the kid’s homeschooling, with little man’s therapy, my health/fitness journey, etc. and jotted down items of what I could do NEXT when my goal was reached.

It’s that simple.

And I challenge you to do the same.  No matter what the goal you have set for yourself... make sure to take a beat to celebrate the SMALL wins with something YOU find rewarding!


  1. Made your bed every single day this week/month: snag yourself some fresh flowers to go on the nightstand to give your bedroom that romantic vibe… or feeling really inspired, make your bed up with fresh linens or even consider adding a new throw pillow to the mix. (but don’t tell the hubster you got that idea from me!)

  2. Hitting your water intake: grab a new snazzy water bottle you have been eyeing and use it as your water bottle to take to work.

  3. You laced up each day and crushed a workout: take yourself a candlelit epsom bath and enjoy the soak on those tired + toned muscles… or feeling extra fancy, treat yourself to a massage if you hit your workouts for the full month.

  4. Finished a work task: take a walk outside and bask in the sunshine, grab a cup of coffee with a friend, or go get a manicure so your fingernails will look super fresh when creating at your desk!


This random week in 2018, some things I am celebrating include:

  1. Unpacking the kitchen… seriously, that’s a TASK in itself, am I right? How will I celebrate? With baking a fresh apple pie using our knives, cutting board and fancy pie dish I snagged at the family’s Christmas party (hello, white elephant gift!)


  2. Crushing homeschooling this week… in the midst of unpacking, finding new dentists/dance classes/physical therapists and launching our digital magazine, No Brainers.  This mama bear still rocked homeschooling. the Gillies are in kindergarten, but it still counts! so we are treating ourselves to a visit at the local bookstore where I know we may all end up walking out with a new book!

  3. Waking up and crushing a business goal I set for myself... How will I celebrate this, love? Well, a dear friend who I met in a mastermind group I was part of last year is visiting ME- what? So, we are going to have a girl’s night out with dinner and hopefully, snag a photo of ourselves in the local VW van Photo Booth. I can’t make the last part up… I’m stoked about this.

{ do folks still say, ‘stoked’? }





I am curious.  What are some goals you have for yourself, love + how do you plan to celebrate? Don’t be shy, shoot them this wayI would absolutely LOVE to shout you out + support you on your way!


“A goal without a plan is simply a wish.”


Alright, love.

That’s all I have for you this week, if you want to follow our crazy adventures more, I go a wee bit deeper in our Community (which is completely FREE to join!). 

Otherwise, stay in the loop with snippets here where I’ll share next week some of our favorite recipes and workouts that I’m following to keep mama sane and the MFP (mama-fanny-pack) at bay!


Grit + Gumption. 




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