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One Thing to Do Daily IF You Want To Grow As An Entrepreneur

Oct 24, 2021

Back in college, I worked in a local bookstore, which was completely fabulous. It was dimly lit and smelled like dusty paperback books, with fresh coffee brewed and local baked goods on display.

Light jazz music played gently in the background, and if you came in the afternoon, you could catch a glimpse of the two slightly obese cats snoozing in the window display. Each day I went to work was like walking onto a movie set of a romantic comedy, with potential for a “meet cue” with my love interest. I loved every minute of it. 

Besides the owner of the shop, there was another worker who was slightly older and so much cooler than me. We each had a section of the store we fancied, and mine—if you could guess it—was the chick-lit section. This was the section filled with books on, well, female heroines and romantic comedies.

Oh, my Doris Day-Debbie Reynolds loving heart. 

One section I never took the time to browse was the self-help aisle, which is quite hilarious as the majority of my bookshelves nowadays are filled with personal development books. In college, I had not yet uncovered the powerful tool I possess. A tool we all possess. One that can help us change our course of action. One that can help us conquer impossible feats. 

The tool I’m referring to is our mind. 

Ugh, if I could go back and talk to my younger self, I would tell her to stop being such a twit and go in the self-help aisle to start feeding her mind with powerful, inspiring messages. 


See, what you feed your mind matters, and I’m not just talking about books. Your mind is taking in messages all around you from the people you hang out with, your social media feed, the news you are watching, and even the habits you are forming. Your brain is soaking it all in, love.


So, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite personal development books to help you strengthen your biggest weapon—your mind.   And it's ONE thing I do consistently each day to help me grow as a digital CEO. 




And those are just a few to get you started. IF there is a book which YOU feel should be added to this list then fill me in by:  


Just a reminder these books I listed can be ALL found on Amazon + if you choose to use the link I provided, there will be a small commission made on my end.  However, EACH book is one we have personally on our shelves... some even on audio + I will only recommend something I personally read.


Mindset is crucial... whether you are on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster OR not.  The person whom you spend the majority of your time with is yourself... so speak kindly to you.


Grit + Gumption.



Biohacker Babe 





P.S.  Another book which didn't make the list but is DEFINITELY on our bookshelf is NO BRAINER written by yours truly!  You can snag your copy here... and don't hesitate to tell me ALL the things after you read it!  I would love to hear :) 







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