Our Kids' Charcuterie Board Ingredients

(noun): an arrangement of cured meats, cheeses and finger foods on a platter or board.

And this could TOTALLY be off on what a charcuterie board actually is, but this is what I feel like it is especially when I search on Pinterest "charcuterie boards".  

But on a serious note. 

We are getting FANCY up in the Gillies household these days because every single morning for the past three weeks, I have been making our own little "charcuterie boards" for breakfast.

It's a habit we will keep for awhile, let me fill ya in with what I learned by doing this:

  • our 6yr old twins will SHARE their food and you can hear them ask one another, "sis, do you want the last berry?"
  • experimenting with different sources of proteins (even DRUMSTICKS one morning) helps their little growing bodies
  • our little miss finds it EXTREMELY fancy even if her mom has a hard time saying the word correctly
  • with a combination of veggies, berries, protein and healthy fats... the Gillies are MORE FOCUSED when we start homeschooling shortly afterwards
  • the Gillies will EAT THE VEGGIES for breakfast and don't think twice about it?!? shut the front door.

While they have their fancy plates with small cups of "tea", it's water with lemon slices in tea cups... this mama is able to get her workout in.

And that is phenomenal.  A few things we have had on our charcuterie boards included:

  • pepperoni slices
  • grass fed cow's milk cheeses from the local co-op
  • fruit (grapes, banana slices, apple slices, berries)
  • sliced boiled eggs 
  • avocado bits
  • bacon, drumsticks, sausage
  • protein waffles (cut into tiny triangles) with melted almond butter or honey for dipping
  • nuts (pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cashews)
  • leftover banana-chocolate muffins from Organically Addison's blog 
  • steamed broccoli
  • sliced carrots and bell peppers 
  • pita chips and hummus 

Now I realize most folks just use meats, cheeses and maybe nuts on their charcuterie boards... and maybe we should call these breakfast platters instead but then it wouldn't sound as fancy, right? 

Anywho.  Just curious what are some things we should be adding to these boards for the Gillies... what do you think is missing

Fill me in below and check out some of our charcuterie boards on our Instagram feed.

Love + Gumption.




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