almost two years ago, we started using coconut oil in the Gillies’ household and I’m not a HUGE fan of coconuts.  so this was a HARD step for me. * honesty alert *  

but when you hear that coconut water is known as Mother Nature’s sports drink you try to deep your toes into liking coconuts.   and as we dove into the world of coconuts… I fell in love! 

yet recently, it’s been getting a bad rap and I have no idea why.  

do I think it’s the bees knees… yes.  

do I think coconut oil can cure anything and everything… um, no.  

and no.  I don’t apply it to everything like the dad in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” does with Windex.  Well… maybe I do a wee bit.  

but here’s the thing… coconuts are freaking amazing!!!  loaded with antioxidants, fatty acids and known to have anti-inflammatory properties.  we use the coconut “meat” in our primal granola… the coconut milk for “ice creams” and sauces… and coconut oil for, well, a lot of things ranging from cooking to even beauty products! 

(pause for effect)

so. yea... to me, it's the bees knees.  but let's talk more about it, shall we?  specifically, coconut oil! 

How to select the right coconut oil?  

well.  like I mentioned, initially I wasn't a huge fan of the coconut flavor... so I opted for a refined coconut oil (but make sure it doesn't include hydrogenated fat!).  if you like the coconut taste then opt for a raw, unrefined coconut oil :) 

How to store coconut oil? 

there should be an expiration date on the jar... but I believe it can store in the pantry for ~2yrs!  we use to keep ours in a cupboard above the stove (because I cook with it a lot)... but here's the thing- when heated it's in a liquid form.  so, we had to move it to a cool, dark cupboard away from the stove so it stays in a semi-form state.  I would not recommend keeping coconut oil in the fridge because it will hardened and need to be reheated (typically) before using! 

What's the goodness in coconut oil? 

MCTs (medium chain triglycerides)... chains of fatty acids are found naturally in coconut oil!  


MCT oil is coconut oil's more concentrated cousin (book: Fat for fuel). Made from coconuts! I use a teaspoon in my morning cup of coffee (+ will add 1 tablespoon in my afternoon super foodie smoothie!).

What are some of the health benefits I have read?

I'll have to keep up with where I am reading all the benefits to share with you the sources- mainly cookbooks, nutrition books, research articles, etc.  but while talking it over with the hubster we just started listing all the benefits we had heard or read about over the past few years.  

let's drop it "bullet style", shall we?

  • boosts energy… excellent energy source!

  • anti-inflammatory

  • antioxidants

  • may help prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease

  • may help with mental focus and performance

  • helps improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins

there were one or two more... but you get the gist! 

How much coconut should you be eating? 

well.  here's an article I stumbled upon to help you a wee bit better find out how much coconut you should be eating. 

How to use it in your beauty routine? 

there are a few ways I add coconut oil to my beauty routine... moisturize my cuticles, lip balm, conditioner for the hair, oil-pulling... but the one I love the most is the simplest-  to remove eye makeup!  

it's natural antioxidant properties make it great to help reduce wrinkles and skin irritations! 

here's how you can make your own wipes:  

  1. melt 1 tsp of coconut oil per round cotton pad in a microwaveable safe container

  2. lay cotton pads in an even layer on top… and allow to soak overnight

  3. store them in the same container or place in a small mason jar to toss in your purse

KEY NOTE:  do not get in your eye… that would be bad-news-bears! 

What's your favorite recipe to use with coconut oil?  

okay.  this is a shameless plug... but I love our fat-bombs.  we do use coconut oil in a lot of dishes.  but the fat-bombs are delicious plus with almond butter and superfoods, it's a super healthy sweet treat this mama bear can enjoy without the guilt!  

check out the recipe here: Fat Bombs

we also love coconut shrimp... primal granola... and a few other goodies!!!  anywho. there's a lot of goodness out there about coconuts.  if you aren't a big coconut fan like I was... no worries.  

do your research + learn what works (or what doesn't work) for you!  because the "more you know, the more you grow." 

love + gumption.


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