[BIOHACK]: Reason Why I Drink A Cup Of Coffee A Day... It's Not For Energy!

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One of my earliest memories of my grandparents on my father's side, well, and my mom's side... is waking up early in the morning to sit at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. 

My cup of coffee would hold more milk and sugar than actually coffee, but I would sit there in my pajamas and listen to the conversations at the table.  Just marveling at the topics they were discussing which were all above my head.  

It's a memory which floats to my mind every single time I walk pass a coffee shop and smell the aromas of coffee beans.  I think of all my grandparents and how they each sweetened my coffee a wee bit different.  Their topics of conversations were both so unique... as one set of grandparents were farmers and the others were not.  

I will be honest with you though, friend. I am not a FAN of coffee... I know shock and horror!  But I do enjoy ONE cup of coffee each morning because of my fond childhood memories AND I recently read having a cup or two a day (which isn't meaning two venti cups but an 8oz cup) could have a positive effect on your noggin.

Some of the benefits of drinking a cup or two a day may include: 

  • increased alertness
  • improved mood 
  • more focus + concentration

Plus, having a cup a day may also reduce the risk of neurological diseases, ie. Alzheimers disease.



Now is the time, I share with you a weird factoid about me.  You are so welcome for this... but I use to think Alzheimer's disease was actually called, OLD TIMERS disease. Yeppers,  it wasn't until 3 or 4th grade I learned otherwise.

Let's move on from that awkward fact of my childhood.

Now, coffee may help boost alertness + mood.  Just be cautious of what you ADD to your coffee- syrups and sugars aren't helping your noggin at all, love. sorry.

I have ventured out and experimented with a slew of different ingredients in my coffee, such as:  ghee, coconut milk, stevia, grass fed butter, heavy creams, etc. 

And I'll let you know this... my absolute FAVORITE cup of coffee takes a splash of unsweetened macadamia nut milk with a teaspoon or two of organic stevia.  That's it.  



Curious though, how do you take your coffee?  Black?  Heavy on the cream?  Pinch of sugar?  Drop it in the comments to let me know... or better yet, shoot me a DM on social.  I'm usually hanging out there, too!  



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