Comfort Zones + Sahara Desert


this picture below brings a certain memory to my mind... 

I remember sitting in Large Animal Medicine lecture class while a classmate was talking about running a race- an ultra marathon to be exact across the Sahara desert. 

she mentioned the end of the race would have you running the last 5 (out of 150) miles right in front of the pyramids. 

everybody was ohh'ing and ahh'ing with a few people telling her she was nuts... that's when I said those words, you know the ones... the words that make you cringe yet excited at the same time... the words that in the future you curse yourself for saying out loud... 

I simply stated "I'll do it". 

I didn't have ANY marathon training let alone ultra-marathon training... 

I was basically weak and pasty from being in vet school and studying 24/7 so my body composition was basically a skeleton (to me anyway) since I was living off of rockstar energy drinks and fireball candies... 

(yep, not the healthiest point in my life 🤦🏼‍♀️)

but, nevertheless, I said I was going to do it... 

and I did.
a year later, I ran (with a group of more trained/qualified peeps and knowing ONLY my classmate) across the Sahara desert...

over 150 miles carrying my backpack of food/medical supplies and of course water!!! 

and it was beautiful... chaotic... ridiculous... but that's a different story for another day. 

the point of this story... is without getting out of my comfort zone... that experience NEVER would have happened.

  • yes.  I was worried I would not finish.
  • yes.  this was extremely out of my comfort zone. 
  • yes.  I was worried that a scorpion or snake would bite me and the nearest hospital was 4hr helicopter ride away (which meant 8hrs to the hospital).
  • yes.  I did not want to fail.
  • yes.  I was scared to injury or harm myself. (so I prepared the best I knew... which was a bit piss poor looking back)


but how would I know... without first taking that STEP forward!!! 

you were meant for so much, love. a beautiful vibrant life filled with adventures, love and laughter.

what would YOU want to do if you broke down your walls of comfort and could not fail?!?


love + gumption.


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