2 Ingredient: Dry Shampoo


let's be honest.  
sometimes. this mama-bear doesn't have time for a full shower... it's hard... balancing fitness goals, the twins, working at home, laundry, dishes, etc.  
and if I waited for the days, I could get a full shower in... to WORK OUT or go out in public.  No one would see me... I'd be eating cheetos in my sweats watching QVC on the couch.  

well, no. that is bad... but no one should see me like this.  no one.  
a friend mentioned how she uses dry shampoo... and well, I wasn't a fan.  I mean.  I was blessed with uber baby fine hair that gets super oily as soon as the wind blows.  seriously.  2 minutes outside.... hair slicker than whale snot.  it's ridiculous.  
so, WHY would I try to put ANYTHING in it...
duh.  because dry shampoo is suppose to wick away the oily-factor.   thus began my search for dry shampoo... I was looking for one that used natural products.  trying to be the best greenie I could be.  and the one I found used arrowroot powder- check.  and essential oils- check check.  
um.  why not just make some in my kitchen?  I got these ingredients... so, I contacted my Oily friend (she isn't oily but knows the most about OILS than any other person I know).  and she wrote down a recipe for me... which I didn't follow.  YIKES!  but I love her and wanted to include her in this post! 

here's the jist:  
dry shampoo uses arrowroot powder (or some folks use cornstarch) to absorb the oil on your hair and leave it looking clean.  simple enough, right?  another interesting fact is that when you style dirty hair, it simply holds better (but this way it won't LOOK dirty! yay!!!)  



  • 1/4 cup of arrowroot powder, organic
  • 5 drops of essential oils (I used lavendar... because I LOVE the way it smells)

Now What? 

  • using a spoon, mix the essential oils with the arrowroot in  small glass jar.  seal the jar up tight and store for use! 

Seriously.  Now, how simple is that?!?  If you have any tidbits on green beauty hacks, jot them down... shoot me an email... or comment below - I would LOVE to hear!  

Because the more you know, the more you can grow... right?

love + gumption.


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