Hacks to an Effortless Launch Without Sacrificing Your Family Time or Energy

Imagine this.

You just spent oodles of dollars investing in your launch... with courses, hiring a VA and an email marketer plus don't forget your website + all those additional things which pile up.

It's midnight of cart closing and you find yourself completely exhausted.  You are sleep deprived and overly caffeinated making you resemble a squirrel on RedBull.  You haven't had a real shower since the day cart opened yet you DID THE THING!  You launched your product... it's out into the world.


But the feeling of doing this over and over again feels a wee bit daunting.  It kinda actually terrifies you a wee bit. 


That my friend, is what some folks call... Launch PTSD.  And it's real.  


Now, I'm not making light of PTSD.  As a person who has a bout of PTSD due to life trauma, I get it.  It's anxiety and a heaviness on the chest.  It's horrible dreams waking you up in sheer panic drenched in sweat and a sense of dread you can't shake.  At least that's been my experience. 


And to some, putting all their time and energy into a launch can cause those same feelings--- but, I'm here to tell you YOUR launch does not have to be that way. 

  • You don't need to spend OODLES of time the night before a launch writing copy for emails to go out the next day.
  • You don't need to stress about doing ALL the things on the "to do" list your launch course told you to do.
  • You don't need to skimp out on sleep or even invest in a month's supply of dry shampoo.
  • You don't even need an extra course to tell YOU how to launch YOUR business.  How does that course know what YOUR strengths are?  How does that course know how your clients like to learn from YOU?

 The thing is... it doesn't.  Only YOU know what's right for your business, your audience and the way YOU serve best! 


Okay, Amber, but what IS missing?!?  


I know.  I can actually HEAR you mumble this out loud... and here's the thing, you are missing a GUIDE!

Someone to discover what strengths YOU hold.  Someone to push past all the b.s. and give you the tools + strategy to present YOUR offer to YOUR audience without YOU losing your sanity or energy in the process. 

I'm all about launching + creating impact in your business without sacrificing family time + my energy.  Before each launch, I actually go on a 10-day vacation with my family knowing EVERY thing is done to the best of my ability to serve my audience.

It helps me recharge PLUS gives me time to soak up all the cuddles before serving my audience.  Somehow, SNUGGLES from our twins, the Gillies, fills my cup!

And that's what I want from YOU, love, an effortless launch where you are able to STEP AWAY and be able to show up for your audience without draining you completely at the end of the day.  Without skimping out on sleep.  Without the pressure + anxiety on your chest.  Without the dread of doing it once again in a few months.


So. Here's a FEW hacks to help YOU launch effortlessly, mama.

  1. Identify The Way YOU Love To Present Information:  This could be videos either LIVE or recorded.  Maybe you enjoy writing blogs or social media posts.  Maybe your thing is emails.  Find what way YOU love to communicate!
  2. Get Clear On How Your Audience Likes To Receive Information:  Do they like to read short snippets?  Or do they prefer novellas?  Maybe they love watching you LIVE in the moment or do they like recorded videos so they can hit pause?
  3. Choose Your Style On Launching:  There's NO right way to have a successful launch!  There's the way YOU best serve + YOUR AUDIENCE best receives.  Choose for YOU!
  4. Set Dates For Your Launch:  I love to give myself 100 days for a launch, this way I can OVER-DELIVER and get everything done in 90 days with a 10 day vacation beforehand.
  5. Brainstorm Every Little Detail For Your Launch:  Remember, this will vary pending on what ways YOU love to serve + your audience loves to receive.  This could be emails only with a zoom link and a paypal link. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A WEBSITE OR SALES PAGE TO SELL.   
  6. Prioritize Each Detail + Set Dates To Make It Happen:  I strive to do at least 10 things a week... TEN THINGS!  We tend to overestimate what can be done in a day but underestimate what is possible in a longer time frame. 
  7. Take Action: consistently.  



I think you may have skimmed through the list, so I'll make sure to say this one more time:  You Do NOT Need To Have A Website Or Sales Page To Sell!  Does it help, possibly?  Will it hurt, possibly? 

If you spend ALL your time working on your sales page and NOT presenting your offer... then YES, it will hurt.  The point of a sales page is to solidify the fact your audience wants YOUR service.  It's not to actually SALE THEM ON IT! 

Alright.  I can feel myself getting fired up about this... so, I'll end this blog-rant now + truly hope it helps.  

Yet if you find yourself needing a guide, then, love - reach out!  I work with digital CEOs through their effortless launch so they don't skimp out on sleep, sacrifice their time or energy... and aren't burned out afterwards.  

If you want to be the first to hear when our doors open for our community for women entrepreneurs then click HERE!  And magical internet fairies will let you know as soon as doors are open. 


Until then. 

Follow the list... take a deep breath + know you got this! 


Grit + Gumption.



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