We all have a "wall", the metaphorical wall surrounding us in our comfortable cozy little bubble.  A boundary which hinders (some) of us from reaching our goals... setting new limits... pushing us to do better.

Allow me to take you on a trip down memory lane to share with you that time I LITERALLY faced my wall.

See. for our 10th wedding anniversary, the hubster + I participated in a Spartan Race.  The fact we came out of the race alive, still speaking and married makes me quite relieved.  

Anywho.  I remember the morning of the race like it was yesterday.  The hubster and I left before the sun rose to drive 5 hours to the event.  We even stopped at a hole-in-the-wall gas station to get breakfast burritos (hello, HUGE mistake).  During the drive over, we talked about the obstacles and what we expected as well as what we feared.  

The hubster was a tad bit nervous about the running as the race was anywhere between 10-15 miles in length and he is, well, more of a sprinter.  For me, I was terrified of hurling myself over a 6-7ft wall.  This makes sense since I'm 5'4" with a three inch vertical.  

We get to the event, park and walk to the starting line... when I see it, MY WALL.  The thing I was MOST afraid of was staring right in front of me and in order to GET to the starting line, you had to cross over a 6-7ft wall.  YIKES!  

Did you catch that? I'll repeat it for you.

BEFORE you got to the starting point, you would have to throw yourself over a WALL.

It was at this point, I just straight up started laughing as all the things I was scared of started flooding my mind: 

1. Injuring myself. 
2. Being able to make it over (not worried if my pants would be torn in the process)
3. Not landing on my tooshie in front of everyone BEFORE the race starts.
4. Failing... Dropping out... NOT even being able to get to the STARTING LINE!

Sounds silly now.  I mean this was a race which I signed up for AND I didn't want to let the hubster down.

SPOILER ALERT: I made it over the wall in one piece and through the other obstacles- AROO!!!!

But there was ONE thing that kept popping up in my mind as we ran the course... we ALL have walls.   Majority of the time, these walls aren't LITERALLY ones we have to hurl over ourselves but simply walls we put up to protect us.  And yea, these walls CAN protect us and probably do for a bit... yet over time, these walls can actually HINDER us from our greatest potential!

The walls we put up can hinder us from serving others + living the dreams within our hearts.

If you can, take a beat and glimpse around at your walls.  Are they hindering you?  Do you have aspirations or goals but scared to climb over the wall?  What would happen if you took time to start breaking down those barriers you put up... and start living the life you were made to live?   

I'd love to hear what BOLD action you are taking by simply breaking down the walls of comfort you placed around yourself... reach out via on social, we got to cheer each other on! 


Grit + Gumption, 




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