Lot less ATTA... a wee bit more GRATTA!

Take a beat to unplug from social media... the tele... what have you + spend a few moments in silence.  Reflecting on the day... and the good which came to be.

Did you grab groceries... bump into an old friend... get a letter in the mail which made you smile... stumbled upon a hilarious quote... wore two socks without holes in the toes... progressed in your handstand project... able to spend a few minutes coloring with your littles... got told "I love you"...

some thing GOOD happened... no matter how big or small

Trust me, I have had some pretty shy-tee days with a lot of roadblocks and mountains to climb... but the point is to shift your focus to the good... see the good.  There's something there.

Which brings me to this HEALTH HACK: End the day with gratitude!

Amber's Health Hack:  Drink Water

Now. Remember... 
You are sitting in silence. Focusing on the good at the end of the day. You will want to write them down in a journal... not on the back of a receipt, but get an actual journal.  And each day before your gorgeous head hits the pillow... write three things you are grateful for that day. some can be intense... some can be silly.


  • shift the focus to a wee bit more gratitude... write down three things each night of what you are grateful for on that day! 
“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. ”
— unknown



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