Overwhelmed With All The Decisions - Here’s A Hack!

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Recently, I read somewhere that most of our habits or decisions were made subconsciously which if you think about it makes sense.

IF the conscious mind had to whip up the pros/cons for EVERY single decision... we would be FATIGUED and exhausted. ALL. THE. DANG. TIME. 

Yet some folks can become paralyzed with too many options and unable to make ANY decisions... you probably heard the phrase, "analysis paralysis".

Which has a nice RING to it, no? But it's not a good place to be living. 

Sometimes INFORMATION overload can lead us to fatigue, confusion and even worse, the dreaded analysis paralysis.



One thing I learned to help my brain stay SHARP is to reduce the decisions it has to make throughout the day AND to follow my gut.

Okay. Sounds easy, but how exactly?

  • PLAN things out in advance:  as much as possible, because LIFE can kick you in the lady bits and screw things up
  • MAP OUT the week ahead:  menu, homeschooling points to cover, physical therapy sessions, family adventures, etc.
  • SIMPLE WARDROBE:  I even make things SUPER easy for my brain and Steve-Jobs my wardrobe by keeping it simple: white tee, hoodie, leggings/scrub pants.

AND when things ARE NOT mapped out and a decision needs to be made I LIVE by this simple phrase:   IF it's not a HELL YES! then it's a solid, NO.

Your gut tends to know what to do.

Why do we try to bog ourselves down AND over overanalyze every little thing.  My past self included.  Instead, let's learn to give our brains a break by:  simplifying decisions and turning them into habits. 

And when in doubt ask the question:  IS this a HELL YES?  Because if it is--- SWEET! (and if it's not, well, you know... )

What is something that's a NO BRAINER, HELL YES for you?  For me, it's continuing to serve our community by showing up... writing + speaking encouraging words and coaching women entrepreneurs to create their vision's blueprint + take steps forward. 

If you'd like to join our community... allow me to share a few tidbits to see if it's something YOU would enjoy: 

  • It's completely free for you to join! 
  • The space is held for women entrepreneurs who are building their dream life on their own terms. 
  • There's weekly posts for encouragement as well as performance hacks... mid-week sound bites from me for a bit of accountability and space for YOU to share your questions or thoughts! 

The next steps would be to click on the link HERE!  Then sign your name as well as email and create your own password to log into community.  That's it!  I'll see you there, sweets.


Grit + Gumption. 








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