[HACK] Putting On Your Armor FIRST To Protect Your Energy

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How this health hack came to me was in a series of threes, that's how it happens doesn't it?  We joke in the veterinary ER world how things typically come in clusters of threes... three hit by car patients... three heart failures... three, well, you get the gist.  Anywho.  Here were my THREES: 

  1. Chalene Johnson brought it up at a Marketing Impact Academy weekend conference in February.  I was blessed to be attending as a guest for a dear friend (love you, D!)
  2. Once I got home, a video was popped up on my social media feed... thanks Big Brother... as a video I may be interested in.  It was Mel Robbins and you can read the article here, I couldn't find the darn video again.
  3. Finally, with the excitement of a five-year old on Christmas morning... I run up to the hubster to tell him this revelation... Chalene Johnson + Mel Robbins said, first thing in the morning for me to put down the phone + to focus on ME!!!  His response... "I have been telling you this for years, love.  But I'm glad you are finally listening."   



He is my biggest cheerleader and the wisest person I know.  Why I never listen to him first, is beyond me.

Anywho.  This brings me to the HEALTH HACK: Put on Your Armor, Love!

Here's the details:  simply starting the day with my phone OFF: no social medial. no emails. no returning messages.  Just starting my day with silence + prayer + my thoughts.

When you start the day PLUGGING into everything + everyone else around you... you automatically go into DEFENSE.  You start the day on THOSE people's course, not the one God has set out for you.  You start responding to THEIR posts... to THEIR questions... to THEIR messages... and not to YOUR own journey.

In a society where our phones are multi-tools... it's so easy to wake up (with alarm on the phone) + automatically plug into the world around you... Check out news. Respond to messages. See what Sally is wearing this morning. or how far Jane ran this morning before DAWN, is she crazy?!?  

Once you do that... you IMMEDIATELY start responding... reacting. and your body hasn't even WOKEN up yet!!!  Seriously.  Your feet haven't even TOUCHED the floor! 


  • Grab an old-school alarm... yep, I did it.  The alarm clock is a wee bit horrendous... but I set my phone in the opposite portion of the room with it set on Do Not Disturb!
  • When alarm goes OFF... I am making it a habit NOT to touch my phone for a solid HOUR after rising!
  • Spend the time putting on my ARMOR for the day through affirmations + prayer time + setting out my tasks for the day... and not immediately responding to the world around me!




“The biggest task in the morning is to try to keep my headspace from being invaded by the outside world. ”

— Austin Kleon


If you have any tidbits or health hacks YOU love, then send them my way via DM.  I'd love to learn more.  Because the more you know... the more you grow!  Until then...



Grit + Gumption. 




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