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4 Tips to Balance Homeschool with CEO Mom Life

Mar 27, 2021

If you are a mom entrepreneur who finds them with littles at home and/or doing homeschool... I want to share with you some tips I've used to help me homeschool the Gillies, our 7yr old twins + run a business from home.

Now. I'll be honest... I ONLY know how to homeschool twins and twin 7yr olds, BUT here's how we tackle homeschool-mom-CEO life under our roof (during THIS season).

Here's the MAIN POINTS:
1. SLEEP: with allowing the Gillies to sleep in, this gives me time in the morning for ME to hash out my own morning routine with some amazing biohacks (ie. cold shower, increase lymphatic flow, movement, gratitude, etc) before jumping into a good two solid hours of PRODUCTIVE work.

2. SET A ROUTINE (but throw out perfection): we have a loose schedule which goes something like- rise/chores, water/supplement/gratitude, school work, lunch, movement, projects, dinner, bath/bible/bed.

Some days I hit ALL the major points but, eh, LIFE HAPPENS. The Gillies, our twins, know the flow and the ONLY routine that is SET is movement and dinner/evening routine...

3. LET THEM BE PART OF THE PROCESS: sure it's extremely messy, but the Gillies are involved in making their meals... it takes a wee bit longer, we use MORE dishes than I care to clean... but they learn, we discuss nutrition and they tend to EAT better when THEY are involved.

4. AFTERNOON MOVEMENT: around 2pm, we make sure to MOVE... sometimes, this means going outside to the park... bursting out a workout in the garage gym... or if it's a snowy day, making a ninja course in the living room complete with pillow ramps, book towers and a rope course.

This beats an afternoon latte for mom + an afternoon sweat sesh helps EVERYONE sleep better at night!

These are just some tricks I learned along OUR journey, maybe they'll help you during this "season"... if you got a tip, don't leave me hanging- SHARE BELOW or better yet shoot me a DM on the 'gram.  I'd love to hear what works for you in this beautiful chaotic journey of mom-entrepreneur-hood.


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