The Secret To Reaching Your Goal Isn't More Hustle... But It May Surprise You!

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Bringing the tough love to you, today.  As it's something I have to remind myself of often… it’s not about the hustle.

Hustle is defined (by Mr Dictionary) as obtained by forceful action or persuasion. To move hurriedly in a specified direction. Busy movement or action.

Your vision… the impact you desire to create, doesn’t need your hustle.

It simply needs consistent action.



This is something my clients tend to hear a lot from me while working together knee deep in their business strategy.  It's not about putting in longer hours in front of the computer screen... just because you logged in 12-16 hours at your desk doesn't mean you put in 12-16 hours of good work.  Ouch, Amber!

Would you rather 2-4 hours of good quality work OR 12-16 hours mediocre work with lots of distractions, interruptions and social media scrolling?  I'm pretty sure you'd opt for the former, right?

That's the point I'm trying to make.  It's one I had to learn in business as well as with my endurance training.  Just because I have time to run or workout 6-8 hours a day doesn't mean my body NEEDS me to do so with the goals I have set.  Sometimes, a good 30-45 minutes is ALL I need to get me towards my goal of running 100 mile races.


So, HOW do you know what to focus on in your business... what's urgent or important?  What tasks should you be doing?  


Such good questions, I'm so happy you asked!   Here's a few tips to help you out: 

  1. Visualize your end goal. 
  2. Brain dump ALL the things YOU feel will get you to your end goal (this list will continue to grow as you are in the "thick of it"!)
  3. Prioritize the list of what needs to happen FIRST to trigger the next item on the list.  For instance, you need to put on your shoes FIRST before you go outside for a run.  Putting on your shoes TRIGGERS the action to go outside for a run!  Unless, you are at the beach and are running barefoot then this analogy will not apply to you.  
  4. Select 10 items to do in a WEEK... and list them in order of priority!  And commit to doing at least one item on  the list each and every single day.  If you can do more, FANTASTIC! If you can only do one a day, FANTASTIC!  


You most likely heard the expression, we overestimate what we can get done in a day and tend to underestimate what we are able to accomplish in a year! 

By focusing on ONE single task each day, you are moving just 1% closer to your goal which will compound over time to SUCCESS! 

Remember, it's not about hustling... but consistent action.  

If you want a wee bit more help with your TO-DO list and identifying the tasks you to focus on each day, then snag my TA-DA Guide which breaks this down a wee bit more for you!  

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Whether you snag the guide or join the community, I'm here for you cheering you on and reminding you - just 1% every day! 


Grit + Gumption. 


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