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If you are reading this, then HELLO my fellow introvert.  Yes!  Name is Amber and I am an introvert as well as Scorpio, 2/5 Manifesting Generator and an INFJ.  Whew. With all that information, you already know too much.  But, allow me to tell you a wee little secret.  

You can launch your offer, grow your business and create the impact YOU desire as an introvert!  You can! 

There are a slew of digital CEOs who are introverts who are slaying the entrepreneurial space, so why not you?  Here's the thing, you are most likely NOT seeing being an introvert as a strength, but instead as a weakness. 

At a recent Mastermind retreat, their guest expert was an FBI expert who deciphered folks' personalities and behaviors based simply on their body language.  It was completely fascinating to watch her in action... but the MAIN thing I took away from her talk was this, "Your greatest weakness can be your greatest superpower."



She took the next half hour explaining exactly what she meant and how she used her own weakness as her superpower in order to be where she is today. Yet, the same applies in YOUR business... and even being an introvert!  If you see being an introvert as a weakness, it just may be one of your SUPERPOWERS!



Do you ever watch an IG LIVE and wish you could show up like that person?  Or listen to a podcast and marvel at how the host doesn’t trip over their words?  If you ever have, please know you are not alone in this. Everyone.  I mean EVERYONE has a way to communicate efficiently with others.  It just may not be exactly what you are doing… you might not know… or you haven’t sharpened this skill yet.  And that’s okay!

One of the best ways to identifying this communication method is by simply listening to what others are saying ABOUT YOU!  For instance, I had a few close friends tell me… “Amber, I love how you write.  I wish I could write like YOU!”  

Sound off the alarm bells.  That’s a sign, my ideal client or someone who will want to work with me… could potentially like my writing as well!   So, the blog was created. 

Yours may be your voice… and podcast is your style.  Another could be your animation and energy you bring to LIVES.  You could be completely smooth and rock recorded videos OR you may be best 1:1 talking over Voxer.  

POINT:  How YOU communicate is your superpower!  Tap into it and don’t try to wish you add someone else’s ability.  Spiderman doesn’t wish he had Hulk’s ability to smash, does he?  NO! He is flying from the skyscrapers happy as he could be!  So, do you. And sharpen that skill. 



We all know in order to grow you got to get uncomfortable... but if you are feeling absolutely STUCK like a turtle in peanut butter, then maybe it’s time to THINK a wee bit broader on how YOU can do a certain tasks without doing another certain task.  

Sounds confusing. 

EXAMPLE:  Sales calls.  Not my thing.  Not because I can not do them.  I definitely can and have done many in the past for other entrepreneurs as well as for myself. 

The thing is it doesn’t FIT into my life style AND it was ONE thing keeping me stuck + not moving forward. 

Time to brainstorm. 

What’s the goal?  What ways can I talk to potential clients WITHOUT having to book a call?  Well, how do I talk to my friends?  My biz besties?  We mainly talk via other apps… like Voxer and WhatsUp. 

Why can’t I do this for my business, exactly? It fits into my lifestyle (meaning a homeschool twin mom who is 90% in post workout gear caked in dry shampoo!).  This is a PERFECT way for me to talk to folks who may want to work with me… so, I added it on my sales page!  Want to see it? 

You can take a gander here? >> LAUNCH ON YOUR TERMS <<  



The internet has opened so many doors for entrepreneurs; however, it also makes stepping out in front of literally oodles of folks… a bit terrifying for the introvert or shower-singing class wallflower. 

You know your offer could help a certain group of people if they JUST saw it and understood what you could do to help them!  But how can they when YOU are terrified?  Here’s the thing, when I am reluctant to show up on social media… it’s MAINLY because I have no goal, no intention and no obvious plan.  I’m basically throwing gluten free pasta on the wall praying it lands. 

Maybe it’s NOT showing up on social that has got you tripped up but actually THE WAY to show up on social.  This, my friend, can be the FUN part:  You get decide what your brand is… the message you want to relay… the feeling your audience feels when they see your brand.  You create the WHOLE experience for them.  Use your voice + share your message. 



Launching has a bad rap for being draining or exhausting.  I get it!  One of the reasons I think this happens is because a lack of planning or even procrastinating items to do.  

GOSH!  I'm hitting you with tough love, today. 

I do understand when we are in our creative zone and knocking things off the “task list” our energy can get depleted.  Being an extrovert, folks thrive and tend to absorb energy from others.  Not the introvert.  Your energy levels are replenished by solo time.  This could be reading fantasy fictional books (raises hand), soaking in a hot bath or even crocheting. 

Knowing how YOU best recharge those batteries is KEY to staying energized during a launch along with not procrastinating and making sure to have a plan. 

The former is not something I can help you with.  Well, that’s not true.  I can help with taking action by holding you accountable; however, taking action is on YOU, love.  It’s not on your coach, your biz bestie or on your spouse.  It’s on you.  This is your dream, your vision, your heart’s desire to create impact… no one will chase after it as hard as YOU do.  So chase it! 

The second part:  having a plan.  IF you need help with this, I got you covered with our LAUNCH ON YOUR TERMS  program.  This is an unique blend of 1:1 launch strategy session mixed with group coaching and private community to hold you accountable. 

You’ll get a launch plan PLUS coaching during your launch to bust through those limiting beliefs AND a community to make sure you are not procrastinating on your goals.  It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!   >> Click Here To Read More << .  


 One more tid bit to help you on your launch journey is try to remember to celebrate all the things!  With every goal I set for myself with my entrepreneurial business, I would break a HUGE goal down into bite size bits.

Then when I crossed off one of the smaller bits, I would simply rush to go to the next one… and the next one… and the next one. NEVER CELEBRATING!!!

And if you never celebrate ANYTHING, eventually over time, you lose focus.  You get frustrated by not reaching your goal or never having enough of ___ (insert something) ___… you, well, burn out.

Once, I realized this I knew something needed to change and fast.

So, I took a gander at the goals which were set for myself.  These goals were set in business, in relationships, with the kid’s homeschooling, with little man’s therapy, my health/fitness journey, etc. and jotted down ways I could celebrate when my goal was reached.

It’s that simple.

And I challenge you to do the same.  No matter what the goal you have set for yourself... make sure to take a beat to celebrate the SMALL wins with something YOU find rewarding!


You got this, love. If you ever need, just reach out... I'm here to help!

Grit + Gumption. 








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