Knowing What To Invest In Now

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Knowing What To Invest In Now


This word has been popping up ALL over the place for me... well, in three places actually.  The first was a joke I spotted on Instagram which I casually shared via text to the hubster. 



Then the word "investing" popped up for me while I was journaling... which I will elaborate on more in a bit.  But the third time, this word came my way just this past week was during a coaching call where I was being coached.  

[Context]:  For the past 14 weeks, I have been raising newborn Newfoundland puppies in my house WHILE homeschooling our twins... WHILE performing physical therapy on one of our twins... WHILE being an uber driver to their afternoon appointments... WHILE running my own business.  

So, when our last puppy found her forever family, my coach said to me this: 

"I want to see YOU invest in YOURSELF like you did for those puppies."

And that hit me.

Because the day before, I literally wrote in my journal this question:  "What are you investing in, Amber?"

Her words also stung because I KNEW that time I was investing in the puppies would probably go to either my kids (not a bad thing) or to other bull shiznit tasks which I realized over the past 14 weeks were/are not a priority. 



Here's the question which prompted the journal entry... and I'll share what rambling jargon was written down; unedited and a bit harsh.  However, realize this was me simply writing whatever came out of my head. 

"What are you investing in... material objects may be what others choose or seek to invest in, yet I wonder, do these things actually help you?  Do these material objects even last? 

The only investment which you truly own and will actually last is the ones in which you are investing in yourself. 

So, what ways can YOU invest in your self?  What would it look like to FULLY invest in you?  Where would you even start? 

Would you choose to start with spirituality, relationships, wellness, finances, business, goals, etc?  Would it be wise to invest in EVERY bucket of you OR in just one bucket yet 100% capacity at a time. 

Does investing in yourself need to cost?  Will it cost?  And if so would it be monetary, time away from others or habits you are unwilling to let go of today?  Maybe an investment in yourself needs or requires you to simply evaluate  and possibly give up/let go of habits you currently do.

Where are you currently investing in yourself now and at capacity?  And what can you start investing NOW in yourself, even just at 1%? "



NOTE: Here's the thing though, friend. If you are the person who loves to invest in material objects... you do you, boo.  I do love a good hoodie - great food and even better experiences.  However, if it's something else for you, fantastic.  THIS is just what came up for me over the past week when the term, investing kept popping up in my direction. 

And let's circle back to my coach's statement:  I want to see YOU invest in YOURSELF like you do for those puppies.  Now, if you aren't like me raising nine Newfoundland puppies over the course of 3-4 months... maybe it's how can you invest in YOURSELF like you do:  your spouse, your kids, your elderly parents, your job, etc.

What would it look like if you were to invest in yourself today?

On the spot, my coach asked me to jot out a few things I wanted to accomplish... which if you had ten seconds on a recorded video you would probably go "BLANK" in the brain vault as well.  What popped out of my mouth was this: 

  • down to 20% body fat 
  • run 100 miles solo 
  • learn to play the ukulele or cello 
  • speak another language
  • master the art of story-telling 

Brilliant, she said. And we worked on a strategy to do just that.  Although, speaking another language will have to wait until I am able to play three songs on the ukulele... but the others all have deadlines for this year. 

And it terrifies me a wee bit, just like I'm sure YOUR list will give you the "redbull butterflies" in the tummy But what is more scary... fill that time available with mundane, b.s. tasks which aren't getting me closer to any of my goals OR to start truly investing fully in myself.  

I think we know which one scares me more.  Cheers to making your list of what ways YOU would want to fully invest in yourself - maybe it's business, finances, spiritual or in relationships.  Or maybe it's like me and random items you always wanted to try!  

Just don't waste one more second NOT investing in yourself... I believe in you. We got this!


Grit + Gumption. 




PS. If you want to share with me WHAT ways YOU are investing, then join the conversation and share within our private "off-social" community.  Here's your invite (free to join) >> CLICK HERE <<. 









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