Is Your Launch Missing Something?

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Amber Langley-Gill
Is Your Launch Missing Something?

You remember that moment on the sitcom Big Bang Theory when Penny gets sucked into playing video games… it completely consumes her and she finds herself staring at the computer screen in stained sweats, messy hair with bits of Cheetos throw in and makeup smudged under her sleep deprived eyes?  

I remember it so well, here’s a glimpse if you need a refresher! 

The reason I’m bringing this image up… this is how I would feel with launches when I first started on my entrepreneurial journey.  Like you needed to be lacking proper hygiene, a good night’s sleep and how dare you change into clean clothes WHILE in launch mode.  

You can’t be successful without the hustle.

You can’t be successful without the struggle. 

You can’t be successful without the Cheetos in the messy top knot? 



As a newbie entrepreneur, this was seriously what I thought launching included.  Even when talking with fellow entrepreneurs, I heard them say… well, I was in a launch - it was so overwhelming.  I was in a launch, so I was constantly hustling and writing emails at midnight when I needed to be asleep.  I was in a launch so [insert: bad or negative feeling]. 

Want to know a secret?  That’s not a part of launching.  Not even close.

Launching by definition means to set in motion or to introduce to the public for the first time. 

No where in that definition by Apple’s dictionary does it say, hustling to set in motion.  Or Introduce to the public while struggling.  Nope. Just introducing your offer to the public. 


Which brings me to this… if you ever find yourself completely exhausted after a launch and the thought of doing it again makes you regurge a wee bit in your mouth, maybe you are missing this with your launch. 


Say hello to the missing ingredient…

LAUNCH ON YOUR TERMS:  an unique blend of 1:1 launch strategy session paired with group coaching that will show you how to:  

  •  Take bite-size actionable steps each week for a successful launch 
  •  Launch your offer without sacrificing your family time or even basic self-care 
  •  Use organic traffic via social media to get more eyes on your offer 
  •  Write your emails and copy BEFORE your cart opens 
  •  Rinse and repeat your customized launch strategy to increase confidence + revenue
  •  Review your launch metrics and find areas to tweak for future launches 


When you invest in LAUNCH ON YOUR TERMS, you will also receive a 3-month subscription to our private community which includes: 

  •  Monthly group coaching sessions for hot seats and discussions of latest strategies
  •  Weekly office hours to have your copy reviewed before being published 
  •  Weekly coaching over coffee for quick tough love, motivation and ideas to get your creative juices flowing


Oh, but there’s more!  Because I want you to get the MOST out of this and absolutely CRUSH your launch on your terms, I’m throwing in… 

  •  Access to a special launching members-only community with other business owners and entrepreneurs so you can learn from one another and share your wins during launch.


PLUS, you’ll get your hands on my own email launch strategy sharing with you what email to write, when to send and what should be included!  

Think about it, love… with ALL of this at your fingertips + me as your guide, you’ll be launching on YOUR terms. 

I can not wait to see your perspective of launching shift… from overwhelm/hustling to energizing/consistent action.  

But HURRY, enrollment for LAUNCH ON YOUR TERMS is limited + you may be placed on the waitlist until spots are open!  


*spots are limited as I want to make sure YOU feel supported during YOUR launch*


Sign up >> HERE << before it’s too late. 


Grit + Gumption, 








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