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Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Yet Unsure Which Offer To Launch First

Apr 04, 2022


 This is a term which is becoming more and more common in the online space.  There's a brilliant article by Kinga Mnich which breaks this down for you.  You can read it here!  However, for me, a multi-passionate person is someone who is, well, passionate about multiple things.  HA! 

Seriously, though, it's someone who has quite a few strengths and abilities to help others and finds joy in doing so.  When you sit with these words, you may have a few "celebrities" who already come to mind:  Oprah, Beyoncé, Jesse Itzler, Chalene Johnson, etc.  



And you, yourself, may even resonate with the term "multi-passionate entrepreneur"... I know I do! 

There's a quite a few things I am passionate about when it comes to business/helping others:  biohacks or performance hacks, business strategy, business coaching/mentoring, identifying the dream or vision on your heart and breaking down the steps to get there. 

However, ALL these items are rooted with the same CORE message:  passionate about reminding women - you can be extraordinary moms, raising amazing littles and build the dream business on YOUR own terms (aka. without the hustle!).  

Seriously.  THAT'S THE CORE for me.  

I'm all about the mundane, non-sexy daily consistent action vs. the hustle-bustling, writing emails at midnight the night of "cart open" while pulling cheetos from the messy hair bun. 

Yes, the passions are there... but it's grounded in ONE message.

If you identify with being a multi-passionate person, I would ask you to jot down ALL your passions (not the personal ones like playing the ukulele or running trail races which happen to be mine... just the ones focused on serving others in business).

Then once it have them ALL written down, reflect on what they all have in common.  What is the root message YOU are sharing which each one of these?  What's the base, the underlying message you will be sharing with your audience?  



Creating an offer for your ideal client based on YOUR passions and superpowers is a WHOLE other topic of discussion.  There's questions to ask, feedback to retrieve and lots of tweaking to find the irresistible offer YOUR client is asking specifically from you. 

This is something we hone in on during our initial session in the Launch Strategy Package; however, something which helped me in the beginning was breaking it down this way: 

  1. Where are they NOW in their journey?  And what problem am I solving?  
  2. What is one offer I could repeat 3-4x a year without feeling drained or uninspired? 
  3. IF I could build three offers which built off the other, what would it look like?  For example. 
    • 1st offer:  Membership for Entrepreneurs wanting to learn all about Pinterest (low cost) 
    • 2nd offer:  Pinterest VIP Intensive for Entrepreneurs wanting to customize Pinterest specifically for them and their business  (mid-cost)
    • 3rd offer:  Pinterest Management service for Entrepreneurs wanting someone to personally take over their Pinterest marketing strategy (high cost)  

You can see how these offers build off one another and the higher the tough-points, the higher the investment is being made.  

What ways can you create THREE offers (you do not need to launch them NOW + they have room to be tweaked) which will build off one another and serve your client as they grow? 



This is my absolutely favorite part.   You have what you are passionate about + you understand exactly how each one of these items tie together (the root message).  Now, it's time to strategically map out your offers for your ideal client. 

Here's a few items you may want on hand before you embark on this step: 

  • White board or chalkboard 
  • Uninterrupted time (1-2 hours) 
  • Writing tools (dry erase markers, chalk, etc) 


For me, it's a huge chalkboard which the hubster and I whipped up using plywood and chalkboard paint.  Here's the steps I use to wrap this altogether!

  1. Jot down your ideal client and where they are NOW in their journey.  What type of person are you manifesting to work alongside? 
  2. Then make a HUGE squiggly line from where she is now... to a HUGE "X" on your board.  This "X" represents them being a LIFER!   What does being a lifer look like for YOU?  
  3. On the squiggly line between the two points made, I space out my three offers.
  4. From the starting point to the first offer, I jot down EVERYTHING my ideal client may be facing - the struggles, the concerns, the obstacles.  And I do this leading up to each offer!  Remember, your offers are GROWING with your person! 
  5. I also love to write out my offers in full detail as well as ways I could potentially make them better, obstacles I may face and ways to troubleshoot them! 



You have your ideal client, identified their struggles and mapped out a journey which YOU can help them using your multiple passions.  Now, which offer do you launch first?  

And the question I would throw at you is this:  where are they in their journey?  Look at your map, choose where to start + GO!!!!  


Launching your offer as a multi-passionate person can feel overwhelming but it doesn't have to be, friend.  THIS is one of my absolute favorite things to do is to take an overall vision, break it down in bite-size steps and hold YOU accountable to make it happen... without the hustle.  Instead by focusing on just 1% action every single day. 

If you launching overwhelms you or you need a bit of guidance to get your offer OUT into the world serving your audience, then sign up, buttercup using the link below for our Launch Strategy Package.  Pick a date YOU want to launch... and we will be in touch! 



Until then, you multi-passionate babe... keep serving, keep showing the world your superpowers + keep taking action!  


Grit + Gumption. 







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