6 Lessons I Learned From My First Mastermind

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Before we dive into my first mastermind experience, let's define what exactly is a mastermind.  When you google mastermind it comes up with the following:

Mastermind (n):  a person who supplies the directing or creative intelligence for a project. mastermind.


If you search for what is a leadership or business mastermind, it comes up with this definition:  being a member of a mastermind is a powerful strategy used by high-achieving leaders to move ahead quickly on their goals.

Well, hello, that is exactly the intentions I had for joining my first mastermind.  I wanted to surround myself with high-achieving women who were focused on moving forward in their business. 

And when I joined my first ever mastermind, I was surrounded by amazing women... most of whom, I kept in contact with today roughly five years later!

I had a truly beautiful experience and learned, oh so much; however, I fell into a trap of following the same exact business road map as my mentor.

Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing since she was (is) quite "successful" in terms of a growing business; however, her strengths were not my own. (and vice versa).

And after launching in the way I was "taught" and "paid to learn HOW to do", I realized the following things about business, masterminds, mentors and/or coaches:


  1. The best way for YOU to serve your audience is the best way YOU communicate + serve your audience.
  2. IF you follow someone else's roadmap to success, this does not necessarily mean YOUR business will mimic there's in terms of success... AND...
  3. You might find yourself feeling burned out, overwhelmed and reluctant to launch again because it drains you completely.
  4. There's no single RIGHT way to launch which will fit perfectly to every person... it's a mainly a combination of: how YOU best serve + communicate mixed in with how YOUR audience best receives!
  5. You can balance mama-hood with launching without sacrificing showers, sleep or family.
  6. Find a mentor + community to hold you accountable... (it can be more than one!).
    Some of my mentors include:  James Wedmore + the Business By Design Community, Jesse Itzler + the Build Your Life Resume Fam and Jasmine Star + the Social Curator Family...


The point is, love, do what's right for YOU... the season in your life... your audience... and the vision on your heart.  All the answers are already within you!

Now, if you feel like we connect + maybe you would fit in with our intimate community, I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you. 

This community is for women entrepreneurs who are tired of hustling + eager to have your own business strategy while being supported in an intimate setting of women proving that entrepreneurship + mamahood can coexist! 

Can I get a HECK YES!?!?  

You can read more by clicking on the link: www.amberlangleygill.com/community


Alrighty. Time to recap:  the best for you to connect and serve your audience is the BEST way you communicate and they receive... and find a mentor who challenges you + allows you to stay in your zone of genius (but not your comfort zone!).


Grit + Gumption.






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