Top Biohacking Gifts for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Love. Dude. Homeslice. 

One thing I absolutely LOVE to do is give gifts, it is probably my love-language and it’s something which I truly excel at; however, the hubster does not.  Not hating on the man, he has numerous amazing talents… gift giving is not one of his strong suits.  He knows, I know it and now SO do you!   


And if gift-giving is not your strong suit then take a deep breath + know I got you!  Here are some of my absolute FAVORITE biohacking tools and gadgets for the #CEOMom in your life.  These tools are selected to help YOUR mom feel more energized, more focused and keep her living her best life. 


Listed in NO particular order: 

  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses:   I opted for the ever so stylish tortoise shell frames; however, choose your liking.  Bluelight blocking glasses aid in reducing the glare from the computer screens and also help signal your body to sleep, I try to put these on after dinner IF I’m still wrapping up items on the laptop! 


  • Acupressure Yoga Mat:   Now, this is a slightly different one then the acupressure mat we use in our household; however, it is also a wee bit less on the price tag.  We call this mat, Fluffy,  the death mat which isn’t a great selling point; however, the benefits after the initial discomfort are amazing.  


  • Berkey Water Filter System:   When we moved to a small town, we knew our water system needed to be upgraded.  We invested in a Berkey water filter for our family and it’s absolutely phenomenal.  


  • No Brainer Book:  You know I had to add this one to the list!  A copy of her own NO BRAINER book which is filled with my favorite hacks for increased energy, improved productivity and reduced mental fog. 



  • Boundless:  Another biohacking book for the bookworm is from Ben Greenfield.  This book is filled with amazing techniques to help you burn fat, live longer, build muscle and much more!  


  • Sleep Master Sleep Mask:  This is hands down the best sleep mask I have ever owned.  The hubster bought this for me when I was working overnight shifts in the emergency veterinary clinic.  It has a velcro strap which allows me to adjust the tightness of the mask and provides amazing coverage of the eyes as well as ears.  For the mom who longs for a good night’s rest, this mask would be my go-to!


  • Himalayan Salt Lamp:   As I’m typing this, my own salt lamp is sitting next to me plugged in, ha!  You may have seen these amber-colored salt lamps before; however, do you know the benefits!  These himalayan salt lamps may help purify the air, boost your mood, relieve stress and also aid in sleep.  An added bonus is the romantic rose-colored glow this lamp gives off!


  • Dry Brushing Body Set:   Dry brushing is an amazing and simple way to stimulate one’s lymphatic flow as well as exfoliate the skin.  This is not the dry brushing body set, I currently use as the one I received was a gift and unable to find the source!  Maybe it’s time for me to update my own dry brushing set!



  • Pure&Coco Moisturizing Exfoliator:   This is by far my favorite body product.  The company is owned by a dear friend who is also a CEO Mama-bear and she makes these products herself!  The lavender scent is my go-to; however, there are a slew of options.  IF you are looking for a gift any mom would love, this would be my go-to… and I may be even gifting it to my own mom (and MIL)!  You can read a blog about why I love this product so much here!


Please note:  In this blog, I have recommended products and have links to affiliate sites, and if you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale. I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.

Cheers to finding the PERFECT Mother's Day present to the mom in your life... as for me, the Gillies, our twins, tend to set up our annual Mother's Day Tea Party complete with homemade cards and crumpets.  Although, I may just send this list to the hubster as well to see what HE would add to the list!  I could use a new dry-brushing set!


If you opted for a gift on this list, then make sure to take a photo of your mom opening her gift + sharing with me on the 'gram!  I would absolutely LOVE to see her face smiling with delight!  Happy Mother's Day to ALL!


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