[BIOHACK]: Inspired By My Grandma - How To Be A Nap Ninja

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Do you ever wonder how some folks just have SO much energy?  It's one question I get asked quite a bit.  And it's not because I drink a load of caffeine.  I'm an one cup of coffee in the morning only type of person (any more and it makes my gut completely miserable).

Well.  I'll share with you one of my favorite hacks for feeling energized throughout the day and it's dedicated to my beautiful redheaded grandma whom I call, Gromeré.  At 91yrs old, she taught me the power of a good 15-20 minute power nap.



Growing up, it was nothing for my grandparents to have family/friends over.  During that time, my grandma would disappear for 15-20 minutes while everyone was playing cards or taking a break for lunch.

By the time, you were searching for her... she would pop her beautiful redhead into the room with a huge smile on her face.   It wasn't until years later, she confessed to me that she would go in the other room and take a 15 minute power nap on the floor behind the couch.  No more than that, otherwise, she would get cranky!  

WHAT. the WHAT?!


Yep. Snoozing away.   Hidden from folks while everyone was busy, my grandma would be catching up on her zzz's.   Yet here's the most beautiful thing, when she did come back those few minutes later.  She was refresh, energized and able to continue being the most gracious hostess...and no one knew.


My grandma B (or gromeré) is a genius.


Please note:  I'm not saying take a nap when company comes over, that may come off as a tad bit rude.   When I was young, our family had epic card games which would last from mid-morning to the wee hours of the night - so nap was pretty vital if she wanted to be energized throughout the day.  

What I am stating is there's beauty in allowing your mind to drift + relax and giving your body's energy levels a chance to restore.



  • set your phone to Do Not Disturb (or airplane mode)
  • set alarm for 15 minutes
  • lay down on the couch or bed... and rest your eyes
  • once timer goes off... rise + shine... MOVE!

In full honesty, I am a horrible napper.  The reason, is I want MORE SLEEP.  However, I find that 15 minutes is the PERFECT number for me to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.  

Any more than 15 minutes and I wake up like a troll... it's not pretty.  

Plus, it helps me from the afternoon 'slump-fest' and reaching for a latte around 3pm!

Does this happen to you?  You are feeling all energized throughout the morning then somewhere between 2-4pm, it's like sloth-mode kicked in and you are ready for a nap... or to veg out for a few minutes on the couch in silence with your eyes closed...zzzzz.  

 What are some of your favorite hacks to help you stay energized throughout the day... is it take a cold shower?  go for a run?  hit up the coffee shop?  No matter what, fill me in! 

Because the more you know, the more you can grow. 


Grit + Gumption, 





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