How I Keep a Positive Mindset... well, try, at least!

Jan 13, 2018

alright, loves. 

first let me start off by saying I am not all rainbows and sunshines... but I have been asked more than once in our virtual Brain + Gut Health community, "How do you stay so positive?!?".  


after being asked for the second or third time, I thought... maybe I should jot these down to remind myself to DO THEM but also to inspire YOU {if you need}!  because sometimes... life happens and you find it hard to keep riding the positivity train.  trust me, I get it.  but... if one of these tidbits HELPS you find your joy each day, then why not share it, right? 


here goes: 

1. Background: my sisters... I know... that's a wee bit unfair, because you didn't have them as sisters growing up.  but let me explain.  without getting too much into THEIR story, I'll share with you this.  my sisters were diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy at a young age... sisters, yep, both of my two older sisters (I'm the youngest).  

anywho.  when I was a wee little girl, wheelchairs became the mode of transportation for both of 'em. but, that's not the thing I remember growing up.  what I remember is the constant joy they had for life... the loud cackles of their laugh followed by the snorts.  

{ you know when you laugh so hard you snort... yep.  they shared that quality }  

plus.  the love they had/have for their younger, brat of a sister.  my sisters taught me the importance of finding the good in things... seeing solutions instead of obstacles... and how to laugh even when life, well, sucks at times. 

2. Gratitude Journal: simply write three things you are grateful for each day... doesn't have to be intense or profound.  this allows you to shift your focus to the good in your life.  even if you simply write, "I'm grateful for toilet paper".  write it down!

3. Prayer: starting your prayer in words of Thanksgiving! when I pray, it's like a Judy Blume book... Morning, God.  It's me.  Amber!  but the next few words are those of thanksgiving... no matter how silly.  just keeping my heart in a place of thanksgiving. 

4. Messenger:  if have the ability to be on social media... why not send out a message to ONE friend-  let them know YOU appreciate having them in your life or you love their profile picture or share a memory.  

5. Love Texts: yep! shoot your significant other a text letting them know you appreciate them and love them!  for instance, if the hubster has a 30 minute commute + he left at 7am... why not set an alarm on your phone to text him at 7:40ish when he should be arriving?

send him a text (for him to read ONCE he stopped driving and parked the vehicle, of course) letting him know how cute he was this morning... or how much you appreciate him making your coffee... or how you enjoyed watching a movie together after the kids went to sleep last night... whatever!  just let them know YOU love and appreciate 'em. 

6. Personal Development: spending just 10 minutes a day listening or reading personal development can truly SHIFT your perspective.  if you need some books to help you get started, check out my reading list for 2018

7. Letters/Gifts: have you ever been in a store and thought, "So-in-So" would simply LOVE this? well. take a beat, purchase it and send it to them. the best thing in the world is knowing someone THOUGHT of you and cared enough to spend time on you! RIGHT?!? 


Those are my quick tips on having a positive mindset... what are YOURS? I'd love to add your tips on my blog (and start implementing them as well)!!!



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