It's funny when I think about it... the evolution of my smoothie journey. 

First, it all began in college when my smoothies started out with bananas, strawberries and vanilla yogurt as I tried to replicate my favorite sugar-packed smoothie from the local health food store.   

You probably know the one I am talking about, it was oh so yummy but would make me CRAVE more sweets throughout the rest of the day.  

My smoothie journey evolved over the years... and I'll be honest it was hard for me to get in the habit of drinking a smoothie every single day.  

But you heard the saying, "Success leaves clues"... right?  And as I listened to mentors of mine talk about what they were nourishing their bodies with each day... starting the day with a smoothie packed with superfoods was one clue.  

So.  I figured I would share with you MY favorite smoothie... this is the smoothie I make every single day.  Seven days a week- unless I am traveling; however, I am getting better with bringing my travel blender with me and making this on the road as well! #imhumanandaworkinprogress

I got the base of this recipe from, Kelly Leveque's book: Body Love.  Now, I absolutely LOVE this book... and you can catch my review of it HERE!  You are welcome. 



Now what?  Just blend! This typically makes ONE serving... if the Gillies, our twins are wanting some as well, I simply double the recipe.  

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Over the years, my smoothie recipe as evolved as I mentioned above... sometimes, I throw in a handful of fresh blueberries; other times, I put in a wee bit of avocado for additional fats.  

This smoothie is one I absolutely love - not just the taste but how it fuels me with goodness each day and keeps my energy levels UP!

If you want to see how I snagged this amazing shot, then check my social media feed where I give you a glimpse of how I captured this photo... otherwise, I'd love to hear YOUR favorite smoothie recipe- what is something I am missing out on?  Keep me posted. 

Because the more you know, the more you can grow! 

love + gumption.


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