My Favorite Product to Turn Dry Winter Skin Silky Smooth

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I felt like it was about time I shared with you, my absolute favorite product which keeps my skin silky smooth.  AND just how it came into my life.  We will start with the latter, first.


A couple years back, I joined a program for digital entrepreneurs called Social Curators by the lovely Jasmine Star.  There are folks from ALL over the world and I have been blessed to make many amazing connections.  One of those connections was with a kind-hearted mom who I instantly learned had my sense of humor.  #instantbesties


Her name is Rene and she is the owner of an amazing business called, Pure and Coco. Her business idea was born out of necessity as she suffered for quite some time from severely dry, eczema skin every fall and winter.  Along with her husband, Rene created a solution for her dry, eczema skin and launched their business.


I absolutely LOVE Rene's passion for keeping her products natural, vegan and cruelty-free PLUS smelling absolutely delicious.  Anywho, after our "virtual" introduction and slight stalking on instagram (heavily on my part), I reached out to her to help ME find the ideal solution to a problem I started having. 


See.  We recently moved from the humidity of Louisiana/Texas to the dryness of Washington and my skin was NOT happy despite all the facial serums, body lotion applications and upping my water intake.   I was still noticing dry flaky skin on my forehead and itchiness on my shins.  Hashtag:  not attractive.

That's when Rene told me about her 5-1 Moisturizing Exfoliator which has been a life-saver.  I love this product so much that:

1.  I left a review- you know it's good when you leave a review. 

2.  It's on monthly auto-ship!


But here's the best thing about it... this 5-1 Moisturizing Exfoliator has not ONLY improved my skin... in just three days of using, the hubster commented how "silky smooth" my face felt!   AND this exfoliator has already REPLACED several items in the bathroom cupboards, such as: 

  • body lotions
  • shaving creams 
  • facial cleansers 
  • facial masks (except activated charcoal mask)

Now, I will say that before using the product I was quite hesitant to start using on my face.  If your face is as sensitive as mine, any NEW product could cause a breakout making pimples erupt on my face like a girl going through puberty.  It ain't pretty, I already had those years growing up!  We don't need to repeat them in my thirties, right?

You would be happy to know I didn't have ONE flare up... no pimples after starting this moisturizing exfoliator AND my skin has not been this smooth since grade school.  I absolutely love it!

There are TONS of scents to choose from such as: marjoram, peppermint, vanilla, tangerine, ylang ylang, cinnamon, etc.  However, my absolute favorite is the lavender + coconut.  

You can snag your own jar of this goodness which is filled with fine sugar crystals to slough away those dull, dead skin cells to reveal your glowing skin! 

Here's where to get your own lavender moisturizing exfoliator scrub!

When you do snag your own jar, let me know which scent you decided to try AND make sure to reach out to Rene.  She really is quite wonderful.


You can find Rene here: 


Grit + Gumption,



Biohacker Babe


P.S.  The photos used in this blog entry were captured by another talented Social Curator member - Cristy Cross, photographer. 




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