fun factoid about rosemary... Shakespeare wrote something about it in Hamlet a few hundred years back.  something like, Rosemary it helps with remembrance.   (obviously, completely paraphrasing that little nugget for you).  but how cool, right?   

anywho.  we planted this little bugger in our herb garden two years ago... and has been thriving.  one of the most fascinating things about rosemary (to me, anyways) is where it thrives.  

rosemary is a plant which grows in damp climates which tend to have cooler temps... um, we live in the hot state of Texas.  so how this little guy is thriving in our garden is astounding.  but, here's the fascinating part. 

this plant aids in healing illnesses which are associated with cool and damp environments.   

*** and as my dear sweet aunt reminded me, this herb's history originates from the Mediterranean region... which is not cool or damp.  so.  I'll just say this, rosemary is thriving in our sunny, well-drained herb garden in East Texas.  if you do live in colder climates, consider planting rosemary in a POT and bringing inside where it can get some light and a wee bit of warmth from the cold. ***

okay.  let's take a beat and dive deeper into the goodness of rosemary. 

How do you select Rosemary? 

  • We grow our own Rosemary in the backyard herb garden... the woody stems are covered with needle-like green leaves which smell deliciously like rosemary.  The plant can grow small purplish colored flowers.  
    • Need some extra tidbits on growing rosemary, check this amazing site out to help you develop that green thumb :) 
  • You can snag a rosemary plant in most nurseries... they are perennial!  
    • Just make sure to check for no signs of mold or dark, patchy spots on the leaves... you are aiming for fresh, vibrant green leaves! 
  • IF having a herb garden is not your thing, you can purchase dried rosemary from most local grocery stores.

How do you store Rosemary? 

  • We store all our dried herbs in a dry, dark cupboard... in clean and closed air-tight in individual mason jars.  
  • For fresh herbs, I found a helpful "how-to" quick guide while learning myself... from the Pioneer Woman, here's her tips (if stored properly, can last ~3 weeks):  

"Arrange the herbs lengthwise in a single layer on a slightly damp paper towel. Loosely roll up the herbs and transfer to a resealable plastic bag or in plastic wrap. Store in the refrigerator." 

What are the benefits of Rosemary?  

The more I learn about this delightful herb, the more I fall in love with it.  Here's a few of the amazing benefits: 

  • Supports one's cardiovascular system... considered the "ideal heart herb".  
  • Balances blood sugar 
  • Boosts circulation 
  • Improves one's focus 
  • Holds a warming anti-inflammatory effect... which aids those who feel cold or to relieve pain such as those associated with menstrual cramps 
  • Antibacterial + Antifungal properties 

You can check out some more benefits here, if you'd like!  

Note:  I did read a line in the book, The Herbal Apothecary, that those with hypertension (elevated blood pressure) should avoid rosemary.  Check with your primary care physician!  

How do you use Rosemary in your beauty regimen? 

There are loads of recipes out there using rosemary to aid with acne... fight cellulite... massage oils, etc.  however, I like something with few ingredients that I can whip up in our kitchen.  I stumbled upon this recipe for a "Rosemary Hair Rinse".   

This recipe is uber simple, plus... since, rosemary is known to help stimulate circulation and cleansing, this recipe is excellent for hair + scalp issues (ie. hair loss, dandruff).  


    • 1/2 cup dried rosemary
    • 1/2 cup olive oil 
    • Over medium heat, take a saucepan and mix the ingredients together. 
    • Once the oil mixture gets warm, turn off the stove.  Allow the mixture to marinate for ~15-20 minutes.  
    • Once cooled, strain the rosemary leaves from the oil mixture and place in a mason jar.

To use the hair rinse.  You simple apply to scalp then wrap your hair in a shower cap (I just take a towel and twist it up to get out of the way)!  Allow the rinse to remain on for ~15- 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, simply shampoo your hair as normal to remove the excess oil. Please avoid getting in your eyes!  

What is your favorite recipe with Rosemary? 

Now.  There are a few good recipes with rosemary and chicken... with lamb... with steak as seen above.  We even use rosemary (mixed with a wee bit of sage) in our homemade salmon cakes, but, let's share a new recipe:

juicing rosemary!  YIKES!  

Have you even thought about juicing rosemary?  Me neither!  Not until I stumbled upon this delicious recipe found on FoodMatters.  SCORE!  

It's super easy plus loaded with antioxidants as well as all the benefits of rosemary (ie. antibacterial, antifungal).  

SPICED APPLE JUICE  (had to give it a clever name, didn't I)

    • 1 apple (Fuji are my fave with a granny smith running close in second)
    • 1 pear 
    • 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, leaves removed
      • (you juice the leaves and discard the woody stem) 
    • JUICE all together... I like to serve over ice to give it a nice chill!

If you are still on the lookout for more delicious recipes using rosemary, here's a quick read of 39 things you can do with the herb, rosemary!  I love their idea of using the woody stems of the herb as TOOTHPICKS or skewers... genius! 


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Please check back for further recipes from our kitchen using Rosemary

If you have any tidbits about Rosemary, then share below or shoot me an email, I'd love to learn more.  Until then...

love + gumption.




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