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Biggest Lesson I Learned While Running 150 Miles Across the Sahara

Apr 19, 2021


It started when a classmate in vet school was talking about a race she wanted to do... everyone was huddled around her saying she was crazy, when I piped up "I'll do it with you."

She took me up on the offer and a year later, I found myself with me 20kg backpack full of food/supplies + my Optimus prime squirt bottles on a bus driving deep into the desert to take us to the jeep which would bring us further INTO the desert.

I remember hearing the doctor on the bus inform everyone about insects/reptiles to be on the lookout for and her words, "the sting of the scorpion will kill you in 4 hours".

“It will take a helicopter 2 hours to find you and 2 hours more to bring you to the nearest hospital. So, don't get stung."

That's when a wee bit of fear crept up...
Not going to lie.

It wasn't until we got started with the race that all my fears washed away and I felt at peace... just me, the blaring sun, the endless sinking sand and my thoughts.

That's when I realized just how POWERFUL our minds are and HOW far they can take us even when our bodies do not feel like they are capable of one step further.

At the water stations, I could hear them ask me if I wanted to know HOW hot it was out today or HOW many miles I had to go... and I simply would smile to say, "nah, don't need to know."

Why? I knew those details would TRIP me up in my head becoming obstacles and the FOCUS when the MAIN focus was simply one step at a time.

One breathe at a time. One movement FORWARD at a time.

Nothing else.


And it makes me wonder, what are you allowing to TRIP YOU up in your head, what are OBSTACLES are you focusing on... when the MAIN focus in your end goal- just one step forward.  One BREATHE forward. One simple movement FORWARD.


You got this, love.  Reach out so I can CHEER YOU ON... and if you are wanting a wee bit more #toughlove with a dose of accountability - then maybe our FREE COMMUNITY is the place for YOU! 


Grit + Gumption.



Biohacker Babe


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