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[BIOHACK] Inspired by my PawPaw: SLOW YOUR CHEW

Sep 24, 2019

One question, I hear often from clients is this... IF I could share ONE health hack to help reduce belly bloat what would it be?  

And there are so many things I could say; however, my favorite health hack to reduce belly bloat is quite simple AND inspired by my Pawpaw Broussard who just turned 91yrs old this month (September 2019).


Hear me out.  

When we sit at the family dinner table on Sundays, my Pawpaw is typically the first one served and the LAST one at the table eating.   Seriously, it takes him forever to eat because with each bite he chews for at least 20 counts.

I'm not even joking!  He may have been timed by someone (ahem, me) when I was little. HOWEVER, there's something to this.  

With mastication (or chewing your food), you are breaking down big pieces of food to smaller bits... and the salvia in your mouth aids in making the smaller bits even smaller.

This way these itty-bitty particles can move down your esophagus into your GI tract and be absorbed properly.

If you don’t take a beat to chew your food properly, your stomach and intestines will have to work a bit harder to break down the food... which uses vital energy and waste food!

A few tips to help you SLOW DOWN YOUR CHEW:

  • Reduce the distractions so you can FOCUS on your plate... turn off the television, put down the phone and sit down at a table. 
  • After each bite, put your fork down... don’t reload the fork with food and allow it to hover in mid-air while you are chewing.  PUT the fork down!

And that’s it!  

Take a beat from Pawpaw B + slow down your chew... what's one thing your grandparents or mentor of yours told you that holds true?  >>>  FILL ME IN HERE <<< 

I would absolutely LOVE to hear some of their wisdom because, well... the more you know, the more you can grow!



Grit + Gumption. 



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