Stay Present... a note to myself.




Seriously. In today's world it seems something is always competing for our attention... the news, podcasts, social media, etc. Something is always happening + wanting to be seen. But you know what... something has ALWAYS been happening. Right? And the world kept turning.


Last fall, the hubster + I sat down to take a look at some of the things we wanted to box up and take with us... some things we wanted to store... and other things we needed to either donate or trash.


The task made me think of other things we needed to either take with us... or trash. And that was our habits. How can WE be more present as a family? How can we focus on the NOW... before our Gillies, the twins, are packing up their own things to head out on their own.

A few habits we decided to take with us:

  • family dinners... unplugged

  • Saturday morning outings to the local farmer's market (when in season)

  • Sunday church service

  • starting the day with meditation and prayer

  • weather permitting... going outside in nature for at least 10-20 minutes each day

  • taking a beat at the end of the day to say ONE thing we are all grateful for

  • each parent taking one kid on a "date" each month... and mama + dad going on a date as well :) even if that’s just a carpet picnic on a Friday night to play a game of Sorry (my FAVE!) while the Gillies are sleeping in their rooms


Some habits we decided to trash... like starting the day with morning cartoons (the Gillies, not mama) and having a movie playing during dinner time. But, I'd love to hear. What's your favorite practice to staying in the NOW + being fully present with those you love? Simply comment below or let me know HERE!

love + gumption.


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