3 Hacks which helped ME Reduce Stress



"Every cell in your body is constantly listening to your thoughts."  - Dr. Mark Hyman

I remember reading once that by relaxing your brain you actually HELP your body repair itself and create new healthy cells.

Which on the flip side means if we stay in a constant state of anxiety and stress, we are NOT helping our body heal... right?

With this past week, there were LOTS of times for me to FEEL anxious + stress.

However, HOW would that serve me? IF I choose to feel anxious and stressed this past week, who would benefit... would this be helpful or harmful to my body... to my energy... to my performance?

This week was one of the MOST relaxing weeks I had in a long time... and that was with added tasks on my plate PLUS still having to do mom-homeschooling life with 2 puppies.

HOW is this possible?!?

There were THREE things I focused on this week which was inspired from Dr. Hyman's own words...

  1. Nourishing my body with foods which didn't cause additional stress... stayed true to clean protein, healthy fats and leafy greens- no sugars, alcohol, reduced caffeine, etc.
  2. Focused on getting GOOD quality sleep each night even though the puppies needed a 3am potty break.
  3. Made 10-15 minutes of meditation a priority every single day EVEN when I felt like other things needed to happen... I KNEW by quieting my mind and allowing the thoughts to drift through me, would be MORE beneficial than simply crossing things off my list.

I even got the Gillies, our twins involved in the meditation 😉

These aren't HARD things to do... right? These are simple. But sometimes, simple things such as quieting the mind- reducing stress- can have DRAMATIC IMPACTS on our well-being.

Listen to your thoughts, today... what is something YOU are saying to yourself because what YOU think matters!


Grit + Gumption.


Biohacker Babe


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