Sweet Tater Noodles


seriously.  hands-down the best "pasta" we have ever had... and this is stating a lot since I'm a girl that doesn't care for pasta.... WHAT!?!  I know.  horror.  
anywho.  here's the deal. 
yesterday. the Gillies, our twin toddlers, were being a wee bit picky about their meals... it happens right.  and the hubster casually mentioned, well, they always eat their pasta!  then of course, they heard pasta... so we get little chants of "sghetti"... "sghetti"... "mama, sghetti"... "mama, where's the sghetti?!?".  adorable. 
but.  we didn't have any pasta (gluten free is what we typically give them) nor did we have zucchini (hubster and I tend to reach for zoodles instead of pasta).  so, I began searching the pantry and found two sweet taters.  hmmm... I believe I spotted an instagram photo of a girl eating sweet tater noodles.  hubster had doubts.  rightfully so, I tend to forget things... 
so the adventure began. 
step #1:  peel the sweet tater, slice off the tips... share sweet tater tips with furkids :)  and begin spiralizing. 
notice how I don't care about NOT getting ALL the peeling off the sweet tatesr.  and this one was a MASSIVE tater! 

step #2:  take a skillet and use a wee bit of oil... avocado oil or coconut oil is the bomb dot com.  yep, I went there.  
also notice... I had too small of a skillet... this amout of SToodles (sweet tater noodles? no.  we need to come up with a name) came from 2 sweet taters.  just two.  I took half the spoodles (? is that better, sweet potato noodles = spoodles) and placed in a glass container in the fridge for future use. 

 step #3:  cook over medium heat... I splashed with a wee bit of cold water before covering with a lid and allowed to simmer down for 5 minutes.  
take note, I was also stirring every minute or so to reduce scalding... and to check on the process since I didn't know what I was doing :)  
you can check out our FINAL result.  delicious goodness "spoodles" topped with fresh parsley from our herb garden. 

FINAL MEAL:  homemade meat balls with marinara sauce over spoodles.  

note:  If you'd like the recipe for the homemade meatballs or our marinara sauce, check back soon... I'll post the links!  
note again:  I would recommend adding the sauce ON TOP and not mix together as it makes the spoodles extremely soggy... and serve immediately.  
this was by far my favorite pasta dish... and it was voted to be in the family's weekly rotation.  that's saying something there :)  
hope you enjoy! 

love + gumption.


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